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[2011-10-04 11:42AM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> honestly you guys should just read the fuckin NFO file xD
[2011-10-04 11:43AM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> http://nfo.rlslog.net/view/28952
[2011-10-04 11:43AM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> scroll down and read how to burn them
[2011-10-04 11:44AM UTC] #c4e <CypherWrk> guide is easier
[2011-10-04 11:44AM UTC] #c4e <CypherWrk> contains pictures
[2011-10-04 11:44AM UTC] #c4e <macphreak> thats only imgburn and grow ifs the clone cd burns without errors
[2011-10-04 11:44AM UTC] #c4e <CypherWrk> they like pictures
[2011-10-04 11:44AM UTC] #c4e <CypherWrk> preferably videos even
[2011-10-04 11:45AM UTC] #c4e <Monolith> 3D videos even
[2011-10-04 12:00PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> ALiENr0x is having a problem with his FAT Liteon can someone help him please , I don't know enough about them :(
[2011-10-04 12:00PM UTC] #c4e <reddeath> Ask it to eat moe
[2011-10-04 12:00PM UTC] #c4e <reddeath> Ask it to eat more fiber and exersize more
[2011-10-04 12:01PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> I thought it could be his lazer but I'm not really sure , don't know what his logs look like cause he used DOSFlash and I don't believe it's gettin an Open Tray Error or a Play DVD Error
[2011-10-04 12:02PM UTC] #c4e <reddeath> He got the key
[2011-10-04 12:02PM UTC] #c4e <reddeath> Mabe its not on the fw
[2011-10-04 12:02PM UTC] #c4e <ALiENr0x> they are
[2011-10-04 12:02PM UTC] #c4e <PoisinsLV> have you unplugged laser ribbown when flashing?
[2011-10-04 12:02PM UTC] #c4e <ALiENr0x> dummy.bin is spoofed
[2011-10-04 12:03PM UTC] #c4e <PoisinsLV> maybe fried laser….
[2011-10-04 12:03PM UTC] #c4e <ALiENr0x> :(
[2011-10-04 12:04PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> that's what I was thinking too , Alien when you put a disc in does it spin at all even a little bit then stop?
[2011-10-04 12:04PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> or does it not spin at all
[2011-10-04 12:04PM UTC] #c4e <ALiENr0x> ye it stop
[2011-10-04 12:04PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> cause both could be the lazer dying on you
[2011-10-04 12:04PM UTC] #c4e <ALiENr0x> but the xbox say open tray
[2011-10-04 12:04PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> ya definately sounds like the lazer now
[2011-10-04 12:04PM UTC] #c4e <ALiENr0x> like that nothing is in there
[2011-10-04 12:05PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> ohh it does show Open Tray hmm
[2011-10-04 12:05PM UTC] #c4e <PoisinsLV> I have fried laser too…. hopefully, got spare liteon
[2011-10-04 12:05PM UTC] #c4e <PoisinsLV> fried it in my first time flashing… then found tutorial where says that its recommended to disconnect laser when flashing
[2011-10-04 12:05PM UTC] #c4e <ALiENr0x> there some mode for fore vendor mode?
[2011-10-04 12:06PM UTC] #c4e <ALiENr0x> cause with jw i cant go in vendor
[2011-10-04 12:06PM UTC] #c4e <ALiENr0x> ever 0×80
[2011-10-04 12:06PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> definately think it's a fried lazer
[2011-10-04 12:06PM UTC] #c4e <PoisinsLV> try pot tweaking…. maybe it will help
[2011-10-04 12:06PM UTC] #c4e <ALiENr0x> disconnect laser?
[2011-10-04 12:07PM UTC] #c4e <PoisinsLV> anyway…. start thinking about new laser
[2011-10-04 12:07PM UTC] #c4e <ALiENr0x> i will buy a new drive
[2011-10-04 12:07PM UTC] #c4e <ALiENr0x> so ill be sure
[2011-10-04 12:08PM UTC] #c4e <ALiENr0x> hoping to doesnt brick it too
[2011-10-04 12:08PM UTC] #c4e <ALiENr0x> xD
[2011-10-04 12:08PM UTC] #c4e <PoisinsLV> just disconnect laser when flashing….
[2011-10-04 12:08PM UTC] #c4e <ALiENr0x> how?
[2011-10-04 12:09PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=683927
[2011-10-04 12:09PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> you are gettin this right Alien?
[2011-10-04 12:09PM UTC] #c4e <PoisinsLV> http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/7325/3612970951602e0c61df.jpg
[2011-10-04 12:09PM UTC] #c4e <ALiENr0x> yes i think im reading
[2011-10-04 12:10PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> sounds ALOT like your problem
[2011-10-04 12:10PM UTC] #c4e <ALiENr0x> yes it is

[2011-10-04 12:11PM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> LT 2.0 1071 complete, testing
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[2011-10-04 01:29PM UTC] #c4e <PoisinsLV> oh
[2011-10-04 01:29PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> was using DOSFlash
[2011-10-04 01:29PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> and I thought it was that problem
[2011-10-04 01:29PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> if you don't type make and then assign the key
[2011-10-04 01:29PM UTC] #c4e <pav> hello yesterday I flashed my liteon to LT2.0 and it worked one day :/ it was old so any1 have experience with calibrating dg-16d2s
[2011-10-04 01:29PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> it flashes the firmware but it doesn't put the key on
[2011-10-04 01:30PM UTC] #c4e <CypherWrk> if you don't spoof the key in there, it doesnt flash it no
[2011-10-04 01:30PM UTC] #c4e <CypherWrk> that's called pebkac
[2011-10-04 01:30PM UTC] #c4e <PoisinsLV> haven't spoofed key… ahhh… I was hoping that laser died :D
[2011-10-04 01:30PM UTC] #c4e <alldrives> <QS> your ap2.5 is unique to your drive
[2011-10-04 01:30PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> told him to flash back to OFW that didn't work either so I was suspectign the key for sure
[2011-10-04 01:30PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> suspecting*
[2011-10-04 01:30PM UTC] #c4e <CypherWrk> same thing
[2011-10-04 01:30PM UTC] #c4e <CypherWrk> if you load ofw in target
[2011-10-04 01:30PM UTC] #c4e <CypherWrk> but not put in key… pebkac
[2011-10-04 01:31PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> then I saw his jungleflasher log and he didn't have his key spoofed to target
[2011-10-04 01:31PM UTC] #c4e <CypherWrk> lucky he had his key somewhere
[2011-10-04 01:31PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> yep
[2011-10-04 01:31PM UTC] #c4e <Charlesmn> smells like soon release for slim liteons and im so happy for this that im gonna dance funky music already
[2011-10-04 01:31PM UTC] #c4e <CypherWrk> its written down sooooo many times in tutorials and stuff
[2011-10-04 01:31PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> very glad about that he pasted me his fw.bin with his key in there I said right on well this is fixed spoof to target good to go :)
[2011-10-04 01:31PM UTC] #c4e <CypherWrk> that its really dump if ppl miss it
[2011-10-04 01:32PM UTC] #c4e <QS> alldrives: so how does abgx database have one ap2.5 that works for all drives then?
[2011-10-04 01:32PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> simple was not knowing how to use DOSFlash funny I think Cypher
[2011-10-04 01:32PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> though*
[2011-10-04 01:32PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> wow funny typo lol
[2011-10-04 01:33PM UTC] #c4e <alldrives> <QS> it uses its own list of averages
[2011-10-04 01:33PM UTC] #c4e <PoisinsLV> why using dosflash if can use jungleflasher??? freeze issue?
[2011-10-04 01:34PM UTC] #c4e <PoisinsLV> b4 bought x360usb pro, I was reading key with jungleflasher, maked cfw and then flashed using dos
[2011-10-04 01:34PM UTC] #c4e <QS> alldrives: so then would it technically be unsafe to use your own rip if it didn't have those static ap2.5 response since my benq 0800 would be different responses to the liteon my friend would play it in?
[2011-10-04 01:34PM UTC] #c4e <PoisinsLV> now I don't have any problem, just becouse of x360usb
[2011-10-04 01:35PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> he was having alot of issues gettin it into vendor mode ya
[2011-10-04 01:35PM UTC] #c4e <CypherWrk> if you setup your pc fine, JF works fine with all other chipsets too
[2011-10-04 01:35PM UTC] #c4e <CypherWrk> but if you run your PC in raid or so, it won't work on onboard sata
[2011-10-04 01:36PM UTC] #c4e <alldrives> <QS> no, better/unique
[2011-10-04 01:36PM UTC] #c4e <QS> hmm interesting, thank you
[2011-10-04 01:37PM UTC] #c4e <PoisinsLV> and some days after I ordered x360usb, I found viaraid.sys that doesn't freezes my PC, but it just discovered xbox dvd-rom, nothing more… no sata hdd's and burners…. just xbox drives
[2011-10-04 01:38PM UTC] #c4e <zainag> Rage.USA.XBOX360-MARVEL
[2011-10-04 01:38PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> rage is out?
[2011-10-04 01:38PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> wicked
[2011-10-04 01:39PM UTC] #c4e <CypherWrk> no piracy!!!!
[2011-10-04 01:40PM UTC] #c4e <QS> it's out ya
[2011-10-04 01:40PM UTC] #c4e <Cacg> if the Lt 2.0 0272, 0225, 0401 and 1071 are finished, C4EVA, are you going to wait the LT 2.0 for tne 9504 to release it all?!
[2011-10-04 01:41PM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> no piracy at all really I'm definately buying that game xD
[2011-10-04 01:41PM UTC] #c4e <CypherWrk> no
[2011-10-04 01:41PM UTC] #c4e <CypherWrk> 9504 is updated to 0272
[2011-10-04 01:41PM UTC] #c4e <CypherWrk> so 0272 is the only you need
[2011-10-04 01:42PM UTC] #c4e <PoisinsLV> I think slims will be out same time with phat hitachi's
[2011-10-04 01:42PM UTC] #c4e <Cacg> ot the owners of the xbox slim are going to wait until all the rest of firm are completed (the hitachis 32,36, 40, 46, etc, and the hitachis 78/79)!

[2011-10-04 01:42PM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> cacg:no

c4eva Spoke! (2011-10-04 #fw)


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[2011-10-04 10:21AM UTC] #fw <Glottis> Yaka prefers unique and not repetetive at all annual CoD experience
[2011-10-04 10:22AM UTC] #fw <Yaka> nope
[2011-10-04 10:22AM UTC] #fw <Yaka> i prefer unique and non repetitive Fallout
[2011-10-04 10:22AM UTC] #fw <Yaka> Fallout universe*
[2011-10-04 10:22AM UTC] #fw <Yaka> xD
[2011-10-04 10:22AM UTC] #fw <Glottis> you probably didn't know of it before F3
[2011-10-04 10:22AM UTC] #fw <f-s> dark souls is pretty unique :s
[2011-10-04 10:22AM UTC] #fw <Yaka> nope, but, does it care?
[2011-10-04 10:23AM UTC] #fw <f-s> fallout 1/2 > f3
[2011-10-04 10:23AM UTC] #fw <Kombat_ac> how about hitachi lt 2.0
[2011-10-04 10:23AM UTC] #fw <Kombat_ac> ?
[2011-10-04 10:23AM UTC] #fw <Yaka> soon
[2011-10-04 10:24AM UTC] #fw <Kombat_ac> i change drive to samsumg & flash it to 2.0 = all works on xbox which have original hitachi
[2011-10-04 10:24AM UTC] #fw <Yaka> my last COD experience was with World at war
[2011-10-04 10:24AM UTC] #fw <Yaka> i like WW2 more than nowdays
[2011-10-04 10:24AM UTC] #fw <Pen15_> waw sucked
[2011-10-04 10:25AM UTC] #fw <Yaka> Medal of honor allied assault
[2011-10-04 10:25AM UTC] #fw <Yaka> my favorite shooter game
[2011-10-04 10:25AM UTC] #fw <caleb4god> combat for the 2600..best war game ever
[2011-10-04 10:25AM UTC] #fw <caleb4god> lol
[2011-10-04 10:26AM UTC] #fw <darkforc> funny though, that was the included game on the 2600, and it was like playing Pong against yourself
[2011-10-04 10:26AM UTC] #fw <darkforc> I tried playing Combat witht the Stella 2600 emu on the ps3 just yesterday, Controls just hot there
[2011-10-04 10:27AM UTC] #fw <darkforc> need the old fashoned atari shitstick
[2011-10-04 10:27AM UTC] #fw <Pen15_> taking these groups forever… how hard is it to get a 360 drive to rip
[2011-10-04 10:27AM UTC] #fw <darkforc> Pen15_, , you mean flashing the 800 firmware for your drive?
[2011-10-04 10:27AM UTC] #fw <darkforc> it's not hard, just a PITA
[2011-10-04 10:28AM UTC] #fw <darkforc> best if you have a spare 360 thats completely dead to salvage it's drive
[2011-10-04 10:28AM UTC] #fw <Pen15_> no, the groups cant use the kreon drives to rip anymore.. which is what they mainly used
[2011-10-04 10:28AM UTC] #fw <darkforc> so they have to used a flashed 360 drive
[2011-10-04 10:28AM UTC] #fw <darkforc> thats a 800 firmware
[2011-10-04 10:28AM UTC] #fw <Pen15_> si
[2011-10-04 10:29AM UTC] #fw <darkforc> the kreon drives I thought were PC drives…
[2011-10-04 10:29AM UTC] #fw <Pen15_> they are
[2011-10-04 10:29AM UTC] #fw <darkforc> you need one of those connectivity kits so you can just take an old 360 drive and shove it in your PC
[2011-10-04 10:29AM UTC] #fw <darkforc> I never got around to that
[2011-10-04 10:29AM UTC] #fw <darkforc> only ripped a few discs to see what was involved
[2011-10-04 10:30AM UTC] #fw <darkforc> sonce no blockbuster anymore, and gamefly takes too long to rent, etc, I dont bother
[2011-10-04 10:50AM UTC] #fw <rino2> hi
[2011-10-04 10:50AM UTC] #fw <Eb992> hi
[2011-10-04 10:50AM UTC] #fw <Xellcorp> Hi
[2011-10-04 10:58AM UTC] #fw <magZ1> is xmen supose to verify normaly on xbgx i get a layer break error
[2011-10-04 10:58AM UTC] #fw <[Ex0r]> i dont think abgx360 has been updated for xgd3 games yet
[2011-10-04 10:58AM UTC] #fw <magZ1> ohh okai tnx
[2011-10-04 10:58AM UTC] #fw <[Ex0r]> and since xgd3 games use a different LB, than it's possible it's throwing that error
[2011-10-04 10:59AM UTC] #fw <Eb992> nop
[2011-10-04 10:59AM UTC] #fw <Eb992> no update yet
[2011-10-04 10:59AM UTC] #fw <gLacK> portal 2 free dlc is up :)
[2011-10-04 10:59AM UTC] #fw <Hobo> so the new lt 2.0 can read the xbd3 disc but nobody can burn it?
[2011-10-04 11:00AM UTC] #fw <Eb992> @magZ1 , is normal to get error . But you have to download games with the "0800" in the name

[2011-10-04 11:00AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> :)
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[2011-10-04 11:00AM UTC] #fw <Sleepy_> ;)
[2011-10-04 11:00AM UTC] #fw <KaYo90> hey guys.. a spoofed drive run ap2.5 games?
[2011-10-04 11:00AM UTC] #fw <Hobo> wow c4 spoke first time i seen that
[2011-10-04 11:00AM UTC] #fw <Eb992> hi c4eva

[2011-10-04 11:00AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hello
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[2011-10-04 11:00AM UTC] #fw <Sleepy_> Hello!
[2011-10-04 11:01AM UTC] #fw <KaYo90> hello!
[2011-10-04 11:01AM UTC] #fw <lucid> thanks c4eva for you hard work
[2011-10-04 11:01AM UTC] #fw <bag-gfiso> any new burning software c4eva ?
[2011-10-04 11:01AM UTC] #fw <Hobo> hello
[2011-10-04 11:01AM UTC] #fw <lucid> you use imgburn
[2011-10-04 11:01AM UTC] #fw <kRoNiX-> ya, burning software for what?
[2011-10-04 11:01AM UTC] #fw <Hobo> so cn u brun xbd3 drisc now?
[2011-10-04 11:01AM UTC] #fw <Hobo> can u burn*
[2011-10-04 11:01AM UTC] #fw <kRoNiX-> Yah
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <bag-gfiso> image burns gow fine wont finalize disk on rise and space marine
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <Hobo> img burn?
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <magZ1> yeah i got that one the RROD release
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <djnaff> can burn 97% :)
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <Hobo> lol that dont help then :P
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <Eb992> @magZ1 it will work fine
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <djnaff> games play
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <kRoNiX-> we need more megabytes!
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <Eb992> also with error at 97 %
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <lucid> noobs
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <Hobo> so game still works even tho it doesnt finish
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <djnaff> yes
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <bag-gfiso> yeah get 97% but wont write lead out track for me dj just get the silly womens voice ..lol "oh No"
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <Eb992> yep
[2011-10-04 11:03AM UTC] #fw <Eb992> XD
[2011-10-04 11:03AM UTC] #fw <magZ1> hahaha
[2011-10-04 11:03AM UTC] #fw <Hobo> but then u cant finsh the game ?
[2011-10-04 11:03AM UTC] #fw <Eb992> its complete the game
[2011-10-04 11:03AM UTC] #fw <djnaff> can even install the games 100%
[2011-10-04 11:03AM UTC] #fw <Eb992> just finish the track
[2011-10-04 11:03AM UTC] #fw <Hobo> so nothing is lost oft he game?
[2011-10-04 11:03AM UTC] #fw <lucid> finalize the disc
[2011-10-04 11:03AM UTC] #fw <djnaff> but would be nice to know whats in the missing area

[2011-10-04 11:03AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> bag:what burner?
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[2011-10-04 11:03AM UTC] #fw <bag-gfiso> W 11:53:59 Potential 'WaitImmediateIO' Deferred Error – (0%, 0/3) – Program Memory Area Update Failure
[2011-10-04 11:03AM UTC] #fw <bag-gfiso> any one any ideas ?
[2011-10-04 11:04AM UTC] #fw <Eb992> no , nothing
[2011-10-04 11:04AM UTC] #fw <bag-gfiso> W 11:53:59 Finalise Disc Failed! – Reason: Program Memory Area Update Failure
[2011-10-04 11:04AM UTC] #fw <bag-gfiso> on rise of nightmare
[2011-10-04 11:04AM UTC] #fw <magZ1> i burnt like that as stated in the nfo gonna test it once i get home , stuck at work now :X
[2011-10-04 11:04AM UTC] #fw <lucid> c4eva asked you what burner you are using
[2011-10-04 11:04AM UTC] #fw <Sleepy_> and fw
[2011-10-04 11:04AM UTC] #fw <Hobo> so all xbg3 disc can not be played on 2.0 just finalise the disc right
[2011-10-04 11:04AM UTC] #fw <Sleepy_> in burner
[2011-10-04 11:05AM UTC] #fw <bag-gfiso> lg
[2011-10-04 11:05AM UTC] #fw <bag-gfiso> new one
[2011-10-04 11:05AM UTC] #fw <Sleepy_> try update FW
[2011-10-04 11:05AM UTC] #fw <bag-gfiso> only4 days old
[2011-10-04 11:05AM UTC] #fw <Eb992> only 0800 fw ripped games
[2011-10-04 11:05AM UTC] #fw <kRoNiX-> it's XGD3 btw

[2011-10-04 11:05AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> lg have issues with layerbreak

c4eva Spoke! (2011-10-03 #c4e)


[2011-10-03 05:02AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> 0225 LT 2.0 complete, testing
[2011-10-03 05:08AM UTC] #c4e <nicabox> Hello good evening!, some people still expeculate that the burning method is not right and the games that are burned with that method can leave a flag on the console! Can someone clarify this stament!.
[2011-10-03 05:08AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> passes all current checks
[2011-10-03 06:37AM UTC] #c4e <Allegra> quick question .. should i wait for abgx to verify gow3 or any other xgd3 disk safe to be played online before burning?
[2011-10-03 06:39AM UTC] #c4e <shloader> Have all games released to XGD3 all employed AP25 so far?
[2011-10-03 06:39AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> alleg:0800 rips are good of xgd3
[2011-10-03 06:40AM UTC] #c4e <Allegra> so they’ve got stealth patches and are able to be burnt to play on live?
[2011-10-03 06:40AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> yes
[2011-10-03 06:40AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> sh:yes
[2011-10-03 10:04AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> have verified clonecd version burns xgd3 0800 isos correctly, same as imgburn
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[2011-10-03 08:23PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> and boxing games, mostly ea sports, one 2k sports game
[2011-10-03 08:24PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> nothing that xbl cares about.
[2011-10-03 08:24PM UTC] #c4e <Jhon0225W> np :)
[2011-10-03 08:24PM UTC] #c4e <lockdown6> Waiting for rage to come out. SPeaking of which, will it be in XDG3 format?
[2011-10-03 08:24PM UTC] #c4e <sigel> play fifa12 yet?
[2011-10-03 08:24PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> I just want to be able to play XGD3 format games, and now I can
[2011-10-03 08:24PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> :P
[2011-10-03 08:24PM UTC] #c4e <lockdown6> I can't :(
[2011-10-03 08:24PM UTC] #c4e <lockdown6> Stupid 79 drive
[2011-10-03 08:24PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> I got lucky to have a benq 0800
[2011-10-03 08:24PM UTC] #c4e <Monolith> and stupid slim :P
[2011-10-03 08:24PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> thing was bought used
[2011-10-03 08:25PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> and it's gone through hell
[2011-10-03 08:25PM UTC] #c4e <lockdown6> Just hope the Hitachi version comes soon, So I can play Rage.
[2011-10-03 08:26PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> I don't know.. I honestly didn't need to flash it
[2011-10-03 08:26PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> I was just bored
[2011-10-03 08:26PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> I should watch Capadocia
[2011-10-03 08:26PM UTC] #c4e <lockdown6> Same here, But I said f it, it's alrdy a RROD machine.
[2011-10-03 08:26PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> mine RROD'd the first time i did it because i didnt unlock it
[2011-10-03 08:26PM UTC] #c4e <lockdown6> Probably doesn't have that much longer of a life, so why not make the most of it
[2011-10-03 08:26PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> my dumbass didnt press
[2011-10-03 08:26PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> unlock benq
[2011-10-03 08:27PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> so it was RRODing
[2011-10-03 08:27PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> just getting pissed off at me
[2011-10-03 08:27PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> :P
[2011-10-03 08:27PM UTC] #c4e <lockdown6> Mine was just old, so it RRoD first, then I went on to flashing a month later
[2011-10-03 08:27PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> this is 4 years old used, but its been around longer than that
[2011-10-03 08:27PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> its one of the first phats to have HDMI
[2011-10-03 08:27PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> back when BenQ was the drive to use
[2011-10-03 08:27PM UTC] #c4e <lockdown6> Always get pissed at unlocking, always forget to press the button 3 times when i need to insert the audio disk, and it always opens, and I always forget to press 3 times, not 2
[2011-10-03 08:27PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> :P
[2011-10-03 08:28PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> the process is way easier for me
[2011-10-03 08:28PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> it's.. almost just unlock benq, intro, read, write, outro
[2011-10-03 08:28PM UTC] #c4e <lockdown6> audio disk is a pain, just extra crap to add to the list lol
[2011-10-03 08:28PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> like that
[2011-10-03 08:28PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> i dont even need to do anything really
[2011-10-03 08:28PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> it even autoloads it
[2011-10-03 08:29PM UTC] #c4e <lockdown6> I wish it was that easy for me lol, I could prob do it in about 3/4 minutes, but the stupid audio disk always has a different problem for me
[2011-10-03 08:30PM UTC] #c4e <lockdown6> Never fully put machine back together after I first took it apart, its right next to computer, so I can pug it in 10 seconds, then just boot jf, then flash :)
[2011-10-03 08:31PM UTC] #c4e <Turk3y> thanks c4eva the 0800 v3 firmware works a treat :)
[2011-10-03 08:31PM UTC] #c4e <Turk3y> and the 2.0 :)
[2011-10-03 08:34PM UTC] #c4e <Scelero> hi im a little confused with which formware i need to use i have a liteon dg=16d2s 74850c i have the latest firmware pack but when i load it into JF it wants to put 1.1 on any ideas?
[2011-10-03 08:35PM UTC] #c4e <f-s> have you updated to latest dashboard already?
[2011-10-03 08:35PM UTC] #c4e <Scelero> yeah unfortunatley i did
[2011-10-03 08:36PM UTC] #c4e <f-s> ok so you need to flash LTPlus-025-v2.0.bin
[2011-10-03 08:36PM UTC] #c4e <Scelero> sweet cheers :)
[2011-10-03 08:36PM UTC] #c4e <f-s> load it manually if you have to
[2011-10-03 08:39PM UTC] #c4e <n00b893> ?
[2011-10-03 08:43PM UTC] #c4e <n00b893> The disk spinning after the install creeps me out

[2011-10-03 08:45PM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> :)
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[2011-10-03 08:45PM UTC] #c4e <Demklon> Good evening
[2011-10-03 08:45PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> c4
[2011-10-03 08:45PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> you're incredible.
[2011-10-03 08:45PM UTC] #c4e <n00b893> Hi,c4eva.
[2011-10-03 08:45PM UTC] #c4e <Yak_> cheers
[2011-10-03 08:45PM UTC] #c4e <Monolith> hi m8
[2011-10-03 08:46PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> I told all of your doubts to go suck on the firmware that is now used to play XGD3 format burns

[2011-10-03 08:46PM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> evening
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[2011-10-03 08:46PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> doubterS*
[2011-10-03 08:46PM UTC] #c4e <Pessimist> sup c4eva
[2011-10-03 08:46PM UTC] #c4e <Kushan> hello!
[2011-10-03 08:46PM UTC] #c4e <FlintTown> good evening c4eva
[2011-10-03 08:46PM UTC] #c4e <FlintTown> finally getting some sleep?
[2011-10-03 08:46PM UTC] #c4e <Corim123> how are you doing mate?
[2011-10-03 08:46PM UTC] #c4e <n00b893> Lol.
[2011-10-03 08:46PM UTC] #c4e <louii___> hey c4eva all well i hope ?….slim soon woop woop
[2011-10-03 08:46PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> I'm serious
[2011-10-03 08:46PM UTC] #c4e <Pessimist> c4eva one guy reported that after title update gow3 stopped work on benqs?
[2011-10-03 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <Pessimist> is this true?
[2011-10-03 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <robsteven> still confused about the whole 8.7gb disc thing…
[2011-10-03 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <FlintTown> "one guy" is the keyword here
[2011-10-03 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <Kushan> Just to say thanks again to you and team jungle for the work you put into it, c4eva
[2011-10-03 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> yeah
[2011-10-03 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <Demklon> c4eva your so amazing !
[2011-10-03 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> one guy is probably a moron
[2011-10-03 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> because i have a benq
[2011-10-03 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> went past that title update
[2011-10-03 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <Yaka> me to
[2011-10-03 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> it's fine
[2011-10-03 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> so
[2011-10-03 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <Corim123> good to see 0225 has been completed as well and that the other slims aren't giving you problems
[2011-10-03 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <Pessimist> ok, got your point
[2011-10-03 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <predicame> he has a bad burn or just doesnt know what he's doing

[2011-10-03 08:48PM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> 0401 complete,testing, all good so far

c4eva Spoke! (2011-10-03 #fw)


[2011-10-03 12:03AM UTC] #fw <ManU07> wht is xbc asking for dae.bin?
[2011-10-03 12:04AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> dae is needed for ap25
[2011-10-03 05:04AM UTC] #fw <QS> so the dae.bin is that just a file that hold current ap2.5 checks?
[2011-10-03 05:04AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> yes
[2011-10-03 05:08AM UTC] #fw <The504> C4eva: Is the LT-MAX feature on 2.0 firmware detectable on Xbox Live?
[2011-10-03 05:11AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> the504:no
[2011-10-03 05:12AM UTC] #fw <LT-MAXXX> c4eva did you experience any failure to authorize disc errors with the gow3 rip?
[2011-10-03 05:13AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> LT:no
[2011-10-03 06:35AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hello
[2011-10-03 06:36AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hows things going
[2011-10-03 06:36AM UTC] #fw <Al_lee> hey c4.. great job!
[2011-10-03 06:37AM UTC] #fw <Fisteh`> cheers c4eva!
[2011-10-03 06:37AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> all good
[2011-10-03 06:37AM UTC] #fw <k3rn3l> its been a job fighting off all the usual assholes and noobs today
[2011-10-03 06:38AM UTC] #fw <k3rn3l> aside from that its all good in the hood
[2011-10-03 06:38AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> :)
[2011-10-03 10:04AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> have verified clonecd version burns xgd3 0800 isos correctly, same as imgburn
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[2011-10-03 08:40PM UTC] #fw <FlintTown> wonder why live was down
[2011-10-03 08:40PM UTC] #fw <FlintTown> Fallchild yea wondering the same thing, im playing on the jtag as we speak, good game
[2011-10-03 08:40PM UTC] #fw <robsteven> i got a gears update and it now says failed to authorize disc?
[2011-10-03 08:40PM UTC] #fw <FlintTown> it says that huh
[2011-10-03 08:41PM UTC] #fw <Pessimist> well than go out and buy the game
[2011-10-03 08:41PM UTC] #fw <HaVoC[uK]> im thinking the same as PES pal
[2011-10-03 08:41PM UTC] #fw <robsteven> my backup doesnt work………….. dont say go buy it u dont knpow if i did or not
[2011-10-03 08:41PM UTC] #fw <raidghost> hitcat: so i guess its possible to buy a adapter and copy everything from the 60GB to the 120GB. Ive allready have a 2TB usb harddrive.
[2011-10-03 08:41PM UTC] #fw <Surazal> was it working before?
[2011-10-03 08:42PM UTC] #fw <robsteven> yes it was working then i got a game update
[2011-10-03 08:42PM UTC] #fw <Pessimist> What is your drive? Maybe somebody is getting this too
[2011-10-03 08:42PM UTC] #fw <Surazal> if you clear cache and play offline (i.e. no TU) does it work?
[2011-10-03 08:42PM UTC] #fw <FlintTown> ^
[2011-10-03 08:42PM UTC] #fw <eectro_> nobody has ripped rage yet?
[2011-10-03 08:42PM UTC] #fw <robsteven> i have a benq… let me try
[2011-10-03 08:42PM UTC] #fw <Rail> i wish electro
[2011-10-03 08:43PM UTC] #fw <eectro_> for real :)
[2011-10-03 08:43PM UTC] #fw <Rail> i gotta flash my piece anyways
[2011-10-03 08:43PM UTC] #fw <Fallchild> so no one else burnt gow 3
[2011-10-03 08:44PM UTC] #fw <Fallchild> and got an update?
[2011-10-03 08:44PM UTC] #fw <Fallchild> just robsteven ?
[2011-10-03 08:44PM UTC] #fw <djp> sup fellas
[2011-10-03 08:44PM UTC] #fw <KungPow> update yesterdy
[2011-10-03 08:44PM UTC] #fw <KungPow> not today
[2011-10-03 08:44PM UTC] #fw <mrrent> NOPE
[2011-10-03 08:44PM UTC] #fw <mrrent> burnt and played didnt ask for update..
[2011-10-03 08:44PM UTC] #fw <louii___> i neva ad update i was on 13599 dash offline gow3
[2011-10-03 08:45PM UTC] #fw <mrrent> offline and on 13599
[2011-10-03 08:45PM UTC] #fw <Zer0AI> it cant ask for a title update if you are offline
[2011-10-03 08:45PM UTC] #fw <FlintTown> gow3 had a title update a while back
[2011-10-03 08:45PM UTC] #fw <ShinObama> if you have a 360 that some idiot put the wrong drive in what can you do
[2011-10-03 08:45PM UTC] #fw <FlintTown> yesterday or a 2 days ago or so
[2011-10-03 08:45PM UTC] #fw <ShinObama> no key
[2011-10-03 08:45PM UTC] #fw <FlintTown> RGE it and get the key
[2011-10-03 08:45PM UTC] #fw <mrrent> the new FW doesnt request a key
[2011-10-03 08:46PM UTC] #fw <ShinObama> rge?
[2011-10-03 08:46PM UTC] #fw <FlintTown> reset glitch exploit
[2011-10-03 08:46PM UTC] #fw <Pessimist> mrrent really?
[2011-10-03 08:46PM UTC] #fw <c3s> lt 2.0 for fw 272 out yet ?
[2011-10-03 08:46PM UTC] #fw <mrrent> read the specs
[2011-10-03 08:46PM UTC] #fw <Zer0AI> of course the new fw needs the key
[2011-10-03 08:46PM UTC] #fw <robsteven> ok i cleared chache and it works offline…. i might try to go online just to see wat happens
[2011-10-03 08:46PM UTC] #fw <c3s> slims
[2011-10-03 08:47PM UTC] #fw <Zer0AI> no slim fw yet
[2011-10-03 08:47PM UTC] #fw <Surazal> robsteven, give it a shot
[2011-10-03 08:47PM UTC] #fw <robsteven> lol hope for no ban
[2011-10-03 08:48PM UTC] #fw <Pessimist> robsteven your the only guy that has this. Maybe your burn is wrong or something
[2011-10-03 08:48PM UTC] #fw <bukowski> the only MARRIED news team in the tri-county area
[2011-10-03 08:48PM UTC] #fw <robsteven> burn works fine now… trying online

[2011-10-03 08:49PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> awesome

c4eva Spoke! (2011-10-02 #fw)


[2011-10-02 10:53AM UTC] #fw <shock> it never is safe
[2011-10-02 10:54AM UTC] #fw <wasdre> i have flash the false dvd key
[2011-10-02 10:54AM UTC] #fw <shock> and you are a fool if you think any CFW can be 100% safe
[2011-10-02 10:54AM UTC] #fw <shock> :)
[2011-10-02 10:54AM UTC] #fw <QS> of course it isn’t 100% safe… banwaves have proved that, but for free fucking games, it does me just fine, and i have right to bitch and moan
[2011-10-02 10:54AM UTC] #fw <shock> i can’t be 100% sure but it will be foolish to asume MS can’t detect and do whatever they want on the system they created
[2011-10-02 10:55AM UTC] #fw <QS> i don’t think c4e who has been doing this for fucking ages, would release a defective PoS
[2011-10-02 10:55AM UTC] #fw <QS> and i have NO right to bitch and moan rather lol
[2011-10-02 10:59AM UTC] #fw <bostic> cfw will never be safe!!!! and you should know why you know the risk befor you open your console
[2011-10-02 11:00AM UTC] #fw <MrWatson> bostic, that wasn’t even the problem. He had said "<shock> but it’s easy to detect" when there has been no sign that theres anythign EASY about detecting it when its not even released yet.
[2011-10-02 11:01AM UTC] #fw <bostic> ohhh
[2011-10-02 11:01AM UTC] #fw <bostic> lol
[2011-10-02 11:01AM UTC] #fw <MomDad> there are potential ways for them to detect it
[2011-10-02 11:02AM UTC] #fw <bostic> im sure their is it is a cfw
[2011-10-02 11:02AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> the sky is falling as well :)
[2011-10-02 11:09AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> slim LT 2.0 0272 completed and testing fine so far :)
[2011-10-02 08:30PM UTC] #fw <SiD-> it's really out
[2011-10-02 08:30PM UTC] #fw <itwong> it's out
[2011-10-02 08:31PM UTC] #fw <BigDaddy> what channel is that?
[2011-10-02 08:31PM UTC] #fw <logan`> its on #c4e now!
[2011-10-02 08:33PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> :)
[2011-10-02 08:37PM UTC] #fw <killzone4> where is the link to the JF?
[2011-10-02 08:38PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> new jf to follow soon
[2011-10-02 08:57PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> no hitachi for now
[2011-10-02 09:05PM UTC] #fw <Frozn> wait c4eva, is there a plan to make hitachi support xgd3 despite M$ not doing so?
[2011-10-02 09:05PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hitachi is on the list
[2011-10-02 09:10PM UTC] #fw <HackInSla> do we still need to reflash back to orig stock fw before updating to lt 2.0?
[2011-10-02 09:10PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hack:no
[2011-10-02 10:40PM UTC] #fw <boss759> im on 1.91 can i flash straight t 2.0 or i gotta go back to stock?
[2011-10-02 10:41PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> boss:straight
[2011-10-02 11:42PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> :)
[2011-10-02 11:47PM UTC] #fw <BigDaddy> so with the release of 2.0 we can't do anything with it?
[2011-10-02 11:47PM UTC] #fw <blakey8> just read the pdf
[2011-10-02 11:47PM UTC] #fw <blakey8> BigDaddy: read the xgd3 burning nfo
[2011-10-02 11:48PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> http://nickthegr33k.eu/XGD3burn.pdf