Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Preview Dash Update (2.0.14699.0)

Just a quick heads-up that Microsoft has deployed another Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Preview Dash update today — now sitting at version 2.0.14699.0. No analysis has been done of it yet, but we'll post an update later if anything noteworthy is found.

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  1. avatar needaname says:

    All it did was make the tiles a bit bigger and get the system ready for Apps. I updated with 2.0 on my drive and it still works fine

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  2. avatar Fabious says:

    Why make 2.01 for hitachi 78/79's dont they have ap2.5 and be useless for anyone wanting to go online?

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    • avatar Dave says:

      They don't, but they aren't able to read XGD3 disks with old firmware.
      Or what do you mean?

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      • avatar ploppity says:

        i would agree, since 3.0 is right around the corner, i dont understand the purpose of 2.01 (except maybe just to have a standard fw across the board for lt2.0+
        hitachi 78/79 does have ap25 so it is useless online with new dash

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      • avatar Fabious says:

        From what ive been told 78/79 drives do have ap2.5. I have seen several arguments about it in here and other forums. Meaning silent dae.bin update online means xgd3 backups dont work with them. 46-59hit and samsung do not support ap2.5. So 2.01 would only work for someone playing backups offline for hit 78/79. I know they need new firmware to read xgd3 backups. Just saying since those two support ap2,5 they would be affected by the dae.bin and need lt3.0 to play online again

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  3. avatar John..... says:

    Does anybody know if dae.bin is also been updated via these dashboard updates?

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    • avatar John..... says:

      If your online yes, but if your not online, is it safe to get dash updates?


      Does anybody know if dae.bin is also been updated via these recent dashboard updates?

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      • avatar QuickMythril says:

        the very first beta dash had changes to the dae.bin that will require new xbc and other tools. they said games still boot, but unsure if it's "safe". not sure if there are differences in dae.bin between the various beta versions, buy why update to a different beta when there is nothing really new and no game requires it. enjoy what you can until LT 3.0

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        • avatar John..... says:

          Thanks for your reply.

          Well, I am waiting for 3.0,

          The questions I'm asking are really for customers who I mod consoles for, they keep asking, I keep telling them to wait, mainly due to the fact LT 2.0 patched games will not work on LT 3.0, basically all current AP25 titles will have an expiry date, when were finally forced to update to a new dash when most titles require minimum dash version.

          With the above said my customers really don't care and are willing to keep on 2.0 and stay offline, so when they do that, will the dae.bin be updated via new dash updates as new games require updated dash.

          From my point of view, I am telling them to not burn so many backups at this time and as soon as LT 3.0 is released start making LT 3.0 compatible backups.

          So yea, the basic question remains, since dae.bin is been updated silently now, will it also be updated with system/title/dashboard updates also, I assume yes and push 3.0 on everybody, but that's my assumption.

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        • avatar Poopys says:

          You're right. Keep telling them, because in the new games, AP 2.5 will be ripped apart from the disc's data and won't be able to boot under LT+ 2.0 or older firmware.

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  5. avatar Connorw says:

    I'm in tense anticipation of LT 3.0!!

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  6. avatar padard says:

    wtf people, quit disliking other people's comments. I'm getting tired of unhiding them "due to low comment rating."

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  7. avatar bisonisabaddddman says:

    if i have got the dae.bin and i install lt 2.0.1 on a 79 drive will the xgd3 games work?

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  8. avatar lowa east sider says:

    I boot hitachi 79 xgd3 my trick is as soon as u power on xbox and see the white intro screen, have your tray open and game inserted. So the sequence is with xbox powered off and the xgd3 title u want to play in tray. Open tray wait for xbox symbol close tray and boom when dash boots game pic should show at the my xbox menu. If u want to play til 79 fix is out.

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  9. avatar XboxNerd says:

    I have a phat Lite-On 838c with LT+2.0 offline waiting for 3.0, and a phat online signed up for the betas. I do have to say I do not like the new menu look they are going for, kinda reminds me of the new windows phones home screens, but they kept the menu when you press the guide button the same so I'm happy.

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  10. avatar Ryan says:

    Just delaying the inevitable silver bullet :D

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