Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Preview Dash Update (2.0.14699.0)

Just a quick heads-up that Microsoft has deployed another Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Preview Dash update today — now sitting at version 2.0.14699.0. No analysis has been done of it yet, but we'll post an update later if anything noteworthy is found.

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130 Responses to Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Preview Dash Update (2.0.14699.0) (Including 32 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar NICE24 says:

    Is it sill safe to play non XGD3 & AP2.5 GAMES on the old dash instead of the new preview dash ? using lite on drive ?

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  2. avatar NICE24 says:

    RED are you answering my question ?

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  3. avatar booker says:

    so non ap2.5 are unsafe?

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  4. avatar NICE24 says:

    Wait. non ap2.5 games are unsafe. Don’t play xgd3 and ap2.5 games if you have the dae.bin update.

    So we cant play no back ups online ? I really thought I heard on here that non AP2.5 GAMES WAS SAFE BECAUSE THEY DON'T CARRY XGD3 OR AP2.5 ?

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  5. avatar farouk says:

    c4e, supposingly, u died!!! what would happen to us the mods, look man/woman you have to marry and give a son/opposite :) and teach him all the s**t u do, just for future generations, anybody agrees oh and great job on lt2.0

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  6. avatar johnno says:

    wot does this mean for silver bullet ???

    means if it dont work with new dash then will come the golden nugget lt+3000 intergrated tu trick

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  7. avatar ethanol says:

    what?? non ap25/ap26/xgd3 games on any dash are just fine..

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  8. avatar Potto says:

    If in final release, there are not new protection in new dashboard, lt 3.0 can be release in 6 December yet, in same day. C4eva and team, want be sure that 3.0 and new dashboard, are 100 sure.

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  9. avatar j says:

    I would like a an answer from the team about what assurances that LT3.0 will have measures to avoid flags due to XGD3 discs being detected as "Unsupported Disc", "Disc Dirty" etc.

    The risks are always there but LT1.9 Stopped any issues with Flags and stopped the game from booting or through up a message to allow the player to stop using the faulty disc or bad back up.

    It seems MS has flagged a lot of users with the silent .dae table updates and want to know if playing online will cause more flags, bans to occur or is this "Silver Bullet" method 100% untraceable with little risk to the console and online use?

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    • avatar QuickMythril says:

      J, there is no way to prevent flags 100%. even retail discs can fail ap2.5 checks if they are damaged. if your disc is burned properly with the topology data, then LT 3.0 will be able to correctly give a response to ANY ap2.5 challenge that could come up for that game. even if microsoft changes the dae.bin every 5 minutes. basically the topology data is a record of what the physical retail disc is structured like, so combined with 3.0 it's as good as having a retail disc as far as ap2.5 challenges go. unless microsoft comes up with some other way to check for a retail disc, then there should be no problems.

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  10. avatar Roadrager says:

    A question , if I create a lt3.0 compatible backup , will that backup work on a lt2.0 and below firmwares ?

    I understand that lt2.0 backups will not work on the lt3.0 firmware , I was wondering how does it work the other way round

    Thx Roadrager

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