Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Preview Dash Update (2.0.14699.0)

Just a quick heads-up that Microsoft has deployed another Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Preview Dash update today — now sitting at version 2.0.14699.0. No analysis has been done of it yet, but we'll post an update later if anything noteworthy is found.

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  1. avatar NelsonTitua says:

    Is there anyone that live in nyc(bronx area preffered) that has an iHas burner willing to burn 1 dvd in return i will give them 2-3 verbatim dvddl

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  2. avatar gazza1988 says:


    I have a question that I cannot find an answer for.

    I have my xbox connected to the internet, I do not have xbox live (well I do but its a free, silver, account)

    I got the Disc unsupported error when I tried to play a backup of Halo CE anniversary. However my Skyrim backup worked fine for a few days after that (can anyone explain how I managed that?), it wasn't until I read on the internet clearing the system cache and disconnecting the internet would sort it. It didn't. All that did was stop Skyrim from working (still playing the original though)

    I do not bother with online gaming. Doesn't appeal to me. If my console was flagged for a ban could I still download DLC should I actually be banned? Also is it the profile that gets banned or the console or both?

    Thank you for any answers you can give.

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    • avatar admin says:

      Bans are done against the Console ID, and prevent any LIVE-connectivity. On a banned box, you will not be able to connect to LIVE to download DLC nor any other content or games. Profile suspensions are done for other reasons, ranging from profile/account tampering to early play on LIVE. It's extremely unlikely that one would end up in the situation of having both a profile suspension and a ban, but it could happen in a somewhat "perfect storm" type scenario.

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  3. avatar DJtrixta says:

    Hello all,
    Could you claer something up for me please (and maybe others), So is it possible to play games that were burned before LT3.0 comes out on an xbox 360 that has updated to the new dash update or new LT3.0 firmware flash?
    So in other words, can we play the older games originals or backups that we played before, on all these new updates or updated firmwares that are due to be released?

    Sorry for sounding a bit dumb, but, i really need to know if my older games like fifa 12, fight night champion, pro evo 12 and Gears of war 1,2,3 will still play, even though i am going to update to LT3.0 on my sammy and my ben-q drives on both my 360's.

    Hope someone can give me the truth and instead of insulting others with abuse and disliking comments for no apparent reason/s. I thought this was a modding/ xbox 360 community, where people help eachother and provide information and advice to others in need? Not some immature and small minded idiots who have nothing better to do than insult others and cannot give a toss who they hurt etc, where is the love people?
    Time to man up and grow a pair. this is C4EVA's website forum, time to show some bloody RESPECT! without him, you are all Fu**ed and you know it. C4Eva keep up the great work and i cannot wait until LT3.0 and ABGX 1.06 is released. bring it on! m$ will never stop the king of mods! Peace!

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    • avatar Anonymous says:

      Sammy should be fine with 2.01, ben-q is gonna need all xgd3 and all xgd2 ap2.5 reburnt to allow playing them

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    • avatar Gammerman3 says:

      Sure you can play your older games on new firmware. Your sammy drive does not require lt 3.0 only the benq drive will when it is released. It is advised that you do not connect to xbox live until more is known about the new dashboard update.

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  4. avatar praby co says:

    u think 3.0 will change the way we flash 0401

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  5. avatar QuickMythril says:

    Admin, do you think you could take a look at the thread in the forums directed to you? at least if you say "it's not going to happen", i can stop trying to get people to support my idea..

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  6. avatar Bob says:

    can some one plz answer this when the new abgx360 comes out do we still have to check our dsic with kprobe2 and nero for the pi and the pif and dsic quilty or will abgx360 take care of it

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    • avatar iversenshotrods says:

      you should always check the disc quality and run it through abgx…2 more seconds of checking prevents possible errors being booted on your console. just do it anyway and be as safe as possible. new abgx console to come out after fw is released usually

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    • avatar Anonymous says:

      You'll still need to verify through kprobe. Kprobe checks the quality of the burn, not whether the data is 'safe' or not. You need both 'safe' data AND a disc that can be read by your Xbox and pass the CIV checks.

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  7. avatar tim132 says:

    Well it's the penultimate day people! Waiting in anticipation now, I'd love to be able to get the new firmware on my brother and sons xbox for Christmas and get my burning on the go with the new ABGX and my IHAS Burner. What an exciting scene this is, only been a part of it for the last few weeks but it's brilliant, all thanks to C4eva and his team!

    Roll on Christmas, I'm very excited to see their faces on Christmas day – especially as I told them I can't flash their drives now as we are waiting on firmware until the new year (of course this could still be true but fingers crossed!)

    Just a quick question….
    I already have my hands on my brothers spare xbox for flashing but my sons is still connected to the internet and therefore will receive the new dash update tomorrow, is it safe to allow the dash update or should we wait until C4eva says it's safe to update? Many Thanks.

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    • avatar admin says:

      It's always good practice to wait for the team to analyze it and give a green light before updating. It's happened many times in the past where people blindly rush into updating without realizing there are new things under the hood that affect them. That being said, we don't anticipate there being much different from the current preview build, but we'll know for certain tomorrow.

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  8. avatar wow says:

    but then to solve the problem of the strength it takes to dae.bin lt + v3.0? There is no other way to solve this problem?

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  9. avatar Potto says:

    Only to be sure, is safe play fifa12 if I have new dae.bin?.

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