Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Preview Dash Update (2.0.14699.0)

Just a quick heads-up that Microsoft has deployed another Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Preview Dash update today — now sitting at version 2.0.14699.0. No analysis has been done of it yet, but we'll post an update later if anything noteworthy is found.

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  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    Might be missing the point here but also, isn't LT3.0 still a risk for use without the updated abgx? As we've found out, MS can update the dae.bin whenever it likes. So that means all titles are at risk for AP2.5 checks, meaning ALL titles will need to be patched with the new topology data from the new abgx and reburned, doesn't it?

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  2. avatar zaac says:

    Correct me if im wrong but so far ive got the following

    Need to reflash to 3.0 when it arrives

    reburn all my games with new ABGX. some topology and then just burn with my normal dvd burner that ive been using to burn games for a long time.. am i pretty much on the money?

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  3. avatar lucas says:

    is there any way to run "backups" in a 360 Slim with the Corona motherboard and a DG-16D5S drive?

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  4. avatar GearDom says:

    I have a xbox360 (hitachi 47 drive) with LT+2.0 .It doesn't support ap2.5 so till now i was playing online xgd3 without any problem or any issue.If it ask me today when i am going to log in to download the update am i safe to update my dashboard or is there any problem with the new version?

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    • avatar Pallett says:

      im also on 47 but just to be safe you should flash back to stock for the update and then flash back but im not goin to except the update untill c4eva posts more info just incase.

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  5. avatar Gammerman3 says:

    It is always wise to gather as much information as you can before proceeding to update your dashboard, as no one yet knows for certain what it has instore.

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  6. avatar stalker says:

    I would like to know what does this mean for Hitachi drives,will we get a new fw for them since 2.0 just came out?

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  7. avatar phbgjf says:

    I have a virgin Hitachi, don't know the version because I have never flashed it before. My lan card broke on March so I must have an old dashboard. Is this good? Or should I update dashboard to any other version? What is the dashboard recommendation for LT2.0 FW on Hitachi? mainly for XGD2 compatibility since I'm not using an ihas burner.

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    • avatar DarkChild says:

      Newer games require newer dashboardversions, you cant do anything about that.
      A game like Fifa 12 (which is XGD2) still requires dash 2.0.13599.0 to play.
      So unless you never play a newer XGD2 or XGD3 again, that dash is what you need.
      (you can install dashboards using the official MS/XBox website and usb (pen)drive)

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  8. avatar Term2012 says:

    thats a good questian i guess will figure that out come tommorow i also have a hit 47 ,i have yet to have any TU problems with GOW3 Skyrim AC rev you get the picture, i have flashed back to stock and will be updating to new dash come tommorow morn and then flash back and see what happens i dont suspect any problems but who knows thats why i have spare 360's lol

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    • avatar GearDom says:

      Yeah i dont suspect too any problems but we never can be 100% sure.But i think that the fact that hitachi are the oldest and first drives of xbox360 console and the dont support ap2.5 is the main advantage of this drives cause from all i have read in forums and in here all the security system of MS for xbox360 consoles is based on the ap2.5 system so i think we will be safe 99%
      (Sorry for my bad english :( )

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  9. avatar DJtrixta says:

    Now that the new dashboard has been released by M$, which in my opinion has some pretty good technology on there now, I like the idea of voice activated menu's, Not so sure of all those apps and video's that you can get though, as most people probably already have them on their phones or on their media players at home already! I know i do. Anyways, now that the dashboard has been released, what now? will we see the new finished products known as ABGX 1.06 and LT3.0 available to download sometime today???? Or will we have to wait just a little bit longer????
    I am not going to update my 360 until i know everything is safe and no hidden agenda's by M$ in there.
    I am very certain that C4eva and his team will be covering every angle though, to make sure everything is completely safe and secure for us all.

    If anybody knows any more details of dashboard update or anything about ABGX 1.06 & LT3.0 then feel free to post information asap. The more details, the better!!!!

    Thankyou C4eva and everyone who helps this community, the anticipation for ABGX 1.06 and LT3.0 is so immense right now. I simply cannot wait!!!!

    How does everyone feel about it all????

    Is it true that i will have to buy another ben-q drive for my 360 to play these ap2.5 and XGD3 games on it? as i have my 360 with a sammy spoofed as a ben-q with the ben-q key on there and LT2.01 sammy FW on, because my original ben-q drive broke. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Or does anybody know which drive is best for the 360 (phat models) I have heard that Ben-Q and the 78-79 drives are best for the newer games that are being released as they support the new XGD3 and AP's (AP2.5 etc) is this all true or do you suggest differently? Help is needed and i will need to buy a new drive if this is the case.

    Many thanks.

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    • avatar GearDom says:

      It's true mate.XGD3 games recognize spoofed drives and you get a black screen with an error code.So with XGD3 games the "Spoofing era" died!

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      • avatar QuickMythril says:

        just a reminder: don't expect to see LT 3.0 today, just because c4e said "after" the dash update. he never said "directly after." not sure the exact situation with spoofing, but i know i have a liteon xbox with a benq drive in it. it's not "spoofed" since jungleflasher doesn't do that in the newer versions and in manual spoofing there is only liteon 7, 8, and 9, which is outdated now. but it still boots xgd3 games just fine. not sure whether this is something that could get you "flagged" or banned, as my friend always stays offline. if you use a non-ap2.5 drive in an ap2.5 xbox it will fail to boot of course.

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  10. avatar Hexter says:

    The "spoofing era" has NOT died. you will all see.

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