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twisted247 # Posted on 2012-12-06 at 01:15PM UTC

then it’s not stuck in vendor mode if it was then it wouldn’t need the powercycle when you click intro the device. do you have your jf log if so post it so i can have a look. if i understand you correctly .(you wer using phat key extract in jf you just placed the probe to mxp01 on the pcb pushed the button to extract the key then ??????? i see what you wrote but makes no sence . did you get the key ? if so no prob but i assume you didn;t and thats why the big deal i will do sum testing on a phat liteon and see if i can reproduce your situation and nail down a fix. at no time did you hit (lo-erase)?what status #’s do you get for the drive when outroing or introing it

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