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goyik # Posted on 2011-11-22 at 02:18PM UTC

If your question is for C4eva, he will never answer you because he never visits these forums.
These forums is for simple users only, so i will try to answer you what I think.
First question: why Lite-On and no other brand?
Answer: C4eva said, because high brand/model availability and low price, and I also think because the MTK chipset, clearly C4eva prefered this becasue some previous experience with this chipset and i think was more easy to reprogram the appropiate firmware.
Second question: What does Burner Max?
Answer: Overburn. But i think it’s not a simple/classic overburning, it’s a calculated overburning, i think the firmware is able to place data in the overburned section in the correct position of the disc where its supposed to be, this can’t be correctly done with factory firmware.
This overburn has to be done, instead of the old truncating method, because the new AP 2.5 looks for especific responses in specific sections of the disc, primarily including the overburned section of an XGD3 disc.
I’m also sorry, for my poor english, hope to be clearly enough.