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Raustin # Posted on 2011-11-04 at 11:17PM UTC

not true

admin says:

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You’ve been sorely misinformed. abgx360 is absolutely needed, now more than ever. Just being ripped with 0800 v3.0 isn’t enough to guarantee that a rip is ok, and those making that assumption are fools. Already since the 0800 v3.0 release, there have been 2 bad scene releases done with it (NBA 2K12 by iMARS and RAGE DVD2 by MARVEL). This shows that even with the right tools, things can still go wrong during the process. As has always been the case, certain processes running in the background (e.g. AnyDVD, DaemonTools, etc.) can interfere with both ripping and burning, as can a myriad of other factors.

Be patient, the new abgx360 is coming soon