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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-11-19 at 07:54PM UTC

do you think the admin knows the answers to all these questions? i don’t. most of what you posted was general common sense however. “no eta” so as not to give false expectations, QA is important to make sure it works. newer drives are waiting because they are last. c4e works on whatever he wants to work on in whatever order he wants to work. hitachi may or may not have to wait for this dae.bin problem, but c4e is not the only one working on that, and hitachi LT 2 is already done, but just in testing, so why would it be delayed…? the answers to the important questions are always posted on the main page and sometimes in stickys here in the forum… if people can’t take the time to read and want spoonfed then there is nothing we can do. i was on a the xbox360iso forum and the very first night the thread regarding this dae.bin issue was up to 100 pages long (mostly just people saying “yeah mine’s broken too” or “what do we do”), i think it’s over 200 by now… there will always be idiots who think their question is the most important question and all we do is sit around and look for people who need help… we are here for answers too, and if there are no answers, then we just have to wait. there are plenty of faqs ( but no one takes the time to read so what difference would it make?