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phrizz # Posted on 2011-12-04 at 03:13AM UTC

Quick, no worries about the topic of your post m8 – I actually read it BECAUSE it was a question posed to the admin, and a fantastic question at that! I’m always interested in what others ask the admin, since a lot of the time I have the same question(s) =)

I completely agree, forum sections are seriously needed here. Right now it’s just one big cluster[expletive] of random questions/info/general silliness all thrown together like a non-medicated ADHD MyPlace page. I realize this is supposed to be an “Open Forum”, but this Open Forum section should have multiple offshoots with threads/topics for more specific navigating.

I too feel that some of these offshoots should be drive-specific. Similar to the front-page; sections for Hitachi but split into all pre-78 and one for 78/79, Samsung, BenQ, Lite-On Phat and Lite-On Slim. That way people could post under their appropriate drive and cut down on the generally messy layout that is currently in place. The Hitachi Slim and the newest Lite-On Slim could go in separate individual sections under their respective names until more info is available for them in the future, in which case the sections could then be locked and users redirected to the new appropriate sections (ie. when more info becomes available, the new Lite-On would go into the Lite-On Slim section while the new Hitachi would go into Hitachi -> Hitachi Slim section).

BenQ and Lite-On 0800 ripping firmware could get a section (although perhaps not as important since there’s not much to it in terms of how-to), with or without links depending on the legality standpoint of who owns this site. I can understand if c4e or whoever owns this place wants it to remain as info only, cutting off the link to actually supplying what c4 creates.

As far as JungleFlasher goes, that section should really just be a link to the latest version (and updated each time a new one comes out!) along with a link to the official JF tutorial pdf since that has just about everything you need information wise. I would keep the thread unlocked, so questions can be asked, but the majority of questions I ever had about JF were answered in the pdf tutorial.

Dosflash I know nothing about since I’ve never needed to use it, however, a thread similar to JungleFlasher could be implemented.

A thread for the new topology-gathering Xbox Backup Creator when it comes out may or may not be useful. My personal use of XBC has been pretty self-explanatory but I suppose a dedicated thread certainly wouldn’t hurt anyone, especially since the change is going to be quite significant for XGD3.

When the new abgx comes out, a thread for that would also be great. A detailed guide on what the new settings need to be for checking XGD3 ISO’s. I would like to see that guide detailing what the new XGD3 default settings should be, and the settings for manual patching so these can be individually saved within abgx to use on each backup. Guides for XGD2 non-AP25 probably aren’t as important since they will essentially be using the same method they have been until AP25 is activated on them if M$ goes that route.

Those are just a few of my thoughts on what I would really like to see worked in here over time as this place grows. I understand this site in general was created with just c4e logs & CFW status in mind, but since it has become more popular and inevitably will become even more frequented by the masses as Lt+ continues, this place and its users could benefit greatly from the additions mentioned.

Here’s to hoping the admin even reads this… :!: