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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-10-10 at 05:10PM UTC

uhh.. he said: Help with 2007 fat xbox………
hey guys excuse my ignorance but i would like to ask a favor. up till now i always succeeded to play by patching the iso to wave 2. and with dash 16125 [no idea what that is, maybe 12625?] i succeeded to play halo reach, crysis 2, dragon age 2 this way. [the rest is from the translate page:] I was reading that for the new games will serve to me to put LT 2.0 for mine 2007 xbox making this modernization of the reader will be able to continue to use the same used system up to now? or there will be a new method? it is possible to have link for a guide on an eventual new modality? I still ask you excuse if the post he is put in a sbalgliata section but it is before the time who I write. Thanks many to anyone will want to answer to me.

so i think he wants to know if he can use LT 2.0 for his current dash and still wave patch games or something. i guess the important questions are: what is your dash, really? do you play offline only? from my understanding LT will boot anything so even his old wave patched discs will work, but if he goes online it will be banned. since he still has an old dash i am guessing he stays offline always.

FABIUS: giocare su xbox live o sempre disconnesso?
16125 non è un numero di sistema. verificare nuovamente il tuo numero.