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fitz # Posted on 2013-02-25 at 01:19AM UTC

@ QuickMythril: I would not reproduce the PCB myself, as I did not design it, or the firmware.
I understand the concept of overheads, which is why I think If the PCB was 50% the price, at least 4x would be sold. Via economy of scale, this would in theory give more profit. I suppose it does all depend on the capital you have to start with though. My points are only excessive PCB price, and lack of Hitachi PCB.

@ delmariachi I no longer have an X360, my interest is only in the tech (didn’t you love it when you flashed an original fat samsung with old xtreme FW, then the customer returned over a year later blaming you for the RROD ).

Please don’t think i’m slating c4eva, he’s the only guy doing it…so really he can do what he wants. It’s WHY he’s the only guy doing it that surprises me.