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phrizz # Posted on 2012-02-12 at 03:48PM UTC

(revision v1.0 …cleaned it up, added & fixed some stuff)
Do this test at your own risk. I cannot guarantee everything here will work perfectly for you, or that you won’t get flagged (due to the AP26 random challenges I forgot to consider). I am not liable if you end up flagged or banned because your system performs AP25/26 checks and you fail one of these checks.

With that out of the way, for those still unsure about their drive’s AP25 capability and want to find out once and for all, I threw this guide together (probably the third or fourth time I’ve typed and posted it in various places on this site, but this one is by far the most complete, although not entirely proof-read for grammatical errors or typo’s).

So, fellow Hitachi 78/79 owners, here’s what I personally did to verify whether or not my 79 4b00 performed AP25. I’m glad I did, because my specific drive does not perform the checks and therefore I am not here all the time awaiting Lt+ 3.0 that will probably release sometime in May/June/July (pessimistic, I know, but look at the track-record with Hitachi releases).

What You’ll Need:
1. An older XGD2 original that has AP25. I used my Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood original. I highly encourage you use an XGD2 AP25-active title as opposed to the new XGD3 titles for multiple reasons, although I’m sure plenty of you will ignore this and ask questions about why they can’t boot their XGD3′s. I will not address these questions, this guide was put together the way it is for a purpose. If you can’t follow the directions and my strong recommendations within, I am sorry but I cannot help you.

2. Lt+ v1.1 for Hitachi (this step is really only necessary if you are trying to avoid flags/bans, if you don’t care or are already flagged/banned you can skip downflashing altogether. IMPORTANT: Added more details regarding this step, read them below in step 1 of the “How To Test”).

3. Xbox Backup Creator v3.45 (NOT the latest v3.50 that’s listed on the front page, it’s the version just before it that doesn’t support ripping of topology data).

4. Abgx360 (I used the older v1.0.5 instead of the new one but since you can still “Disable Writes” in the latest v1.0.6, either version should suffice).

5. Blank DVD+R DL (I use Virbatim MKM001′s, Made in Singapore, the 2.4x variety, and burn ALL my games at 4x. You’re mileage may vary on this step but if you’re burning and older XGD2 as suggested, this should theoretically go a lot smoother than trying this test with a new XGD3).

6. ImgBurn (any recent version should suffice).

7. Time and a lil’ patience =)

How To Test:
1. (optional, possibly obsolete) Downgrade your 78/79 to Lt+ v1.1. If you recall, Lt+ 1.1 offered the 3-4min black screen “safety-net” for bad or old AP25 data to avoid failing an AP25 check. If you are worried about a flag or being banned, this downgrade is(was) highly recommended; if you don’t give a damn, skip to the next step =) (UPDATE: it has come to my attention that just about any recent dashboard beyond around 13140 has probably implemented AP26 random challenge checks, so this safety step could very well be obsolete for the vast majority of you. I’m awaiting verification before I remove this step altogether. In the meantime, I’ll just warn you to NOT bank on this step to completely save you from a flag. I personally downflashed when I was on 13599 dash before I tested, but as mentioned it could have been a waste of time).

1a. Get one of the older XGD2 games that utilized AP25 (there was only about six of them so selection is limited, but in my opinion these titles are the best way and easiest way to test.) I used my Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood original.

2. Dump the disc using XBC 3.45 (NOT the newest 3.50!). Make sure you remove the DAE.bin file from the main folder. You can move it or simply rename it to DAE.bak but you’ll need to alter the *.bin extension so XBC doesn’t detect it. (just move it to a different folder..KISS is always best..Keep It Simple Stupid! lol)

3. Once the game is ripped, open up Abgx360, either v1.0.5 or the newest v1.0.6. Load any of your custom settings (optional, but I did use my custom settings) then load your newly ripped backup that should NOT have an AP25 sector intact, this step will check that theory;

3a. Once your ISO is loaded, just above the line that shows the path to the ISO (still within the “Input” section at the top) there is a box you can click on to check that says “Disable Writes”. CHECK THIS BOX! We do NOT want Abgx to fix anything within the ISO because we WANT the game to have a missing AP25 sector. If you forget to check the box, Abgx 1.0.6 will patch in topology data, 1.0.5 will patch AP25 data and we do NOT want that for this test. (the patching from Abgx 1.0.6 may not be super critical since it will patch topology instead of AP25, but 1.0.5 will patch AP25 thus rendering the test useless. Disabling writes will guarantee that your backup doesn’t contain any AP25 sector or topology data at all so just check that box! =)

4. After Abgx spits out some errors regarding an AP25 or topology (depending on what version Abgx you’re using) sector is missing, it will tell you that it tried to fix it but writes are disabled, you should then be ready to go. Burn the now verified-to-have-no-AP25/topology-sector ISO to a DVD+R DL, pop it in your Xbox and try to play it.

4a. (this may be removed in a future revision. Read step 1 details above.) If you downgraded to Lt+ 1.1, the game will either load up and play like normal or you will get a black screen; if the game loads – congrats, your Hitachi doesn’t perform AP25 / topology checks and you don’t need to piss around here waiting for Lt+ 3.0. If you get the black screen, remove the disc immediately to avoid a flag and I’m sorry but you’ll have to wait for Lt+ 3.0 to play games patched with topology data because your drive performs AP25 checks.

4b. If you did NOT downgrade, the game will either load as normal, which would mean your drive doesn’t perform AP25 or you’ll receive the “Unreadable disc” or similar message and get kicked back to the dashboard (this will result in a flag for failing an AP25 challenge).

5. As long as your Xbox is not connected to the internet, you can even use XVal to check if you failed an AP25 challenge since you would be flagged within the console rather than server-side. (You can’t be flagged server-side if you’re not connected to anything, so XVal would work in this situation).

5a. If you don’t know how to use XVal, you will need your consoles serial number (located on the back of you Xbox under the UPC bar code, generally it’s a series of 12 numbers) and you will also need to go into your Xbox system settings then console information to obtain the “Encrypted X Value” (this is an alpha-numeric code that should be around 16 digits). Input these two codes into XVal and click the “Decrypt” button, the result will either come back as “Secdata is Clean” meaning you are not flagged console-side or it will tell you that you failed an AP25 challenge.

Sorry, I know this is a giant text-wall but hopefully it helps some people and I figured it can be copy/pasted for others for future reference if needed. I will try to keep it updated within this thread as I obtain more information, if someone posts this elsewhere I would ask that you also update in accordance when I do. Just throw me a lil cred if you end up helping others and copy/pasting this somewhere else =)

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