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gamer911 # Posted on 2012-05-28 at 06:14AM UTC

The games that are giving me problems (BF3 and FM4 so far) ARE LT 3.0 discs.

I’m definitely not asking the guy to re-flash the drive to install 3.0. Neither am I going to ask him to clean the lens, as ALL other games and movies run fine.

The feedback I got from you is indeed very helpful; I posted on another forum as well, and they gave me almost the exact same response.

I ‘m a total noob when it comes to this flashing dvd-drive and burning discs business. I get it done, and it seems the guy is just interested in getting out as many game DVDs as possible, rather than selling quality ones.

I recently got in touch with someone in my region, who’s knowledgeable on the subject. He explained the same bit to me as you did: truncated discs typically leave the ISO file out when data gets ‘truncated’. So he’s going to burn 100% of the game, including the ISO file. It has already been explained to me by this guy (and members on other forums) that this has nothing to do with the lens or the firmware. It’s a disc-related issue.

So for now, my objectives (as I like to put it) are to find that guy that’s willing to do a full burn of these two games, and hopefully, they’ll run without a hitch. I’ll try and get a hold of those Verbatim discs, although I doubt if they have those in ample supply where I’m from.

Cheers mate, appreciate the feedback. You’ve been a BIG help. Thanks again.