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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-05-27 at 03:04PM UTC

are you burning the discs with an iHas dvd burner flashed with ixtreme burner max firmware? if they were not burned that way, they are most likely truncated. truncated discs will fail CIV (content integrity verification) checks. if you are getting discs from someone else, personally i would try to install every game and get a replacement for ones that don’t go to 100%.

this is more likely an issue with the discs than with the xbox drive and LT+ 3.0. verbatim brand discs (with media id MKM-001 or MKM-003) are the best for burning xgd3 games.

xgd3 games are harder for the lens to read than the xgd2 format. also burned discs are harder to read than retail copies. sometimes adjusting the power to make the laser a little stronger can make a huge difference. also cleaning the lens may help.

when you flash a drive with jungleflasher it verifies that everything was written correctly. so the chances of there being any problem with that and very very small. going back to 2.0 would only make things worse.

if these are older copies of games that you used to use with 2.0 then they would need to be reburned for 3.0 as the newer firmware uses different security files.