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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-02-01 at 04:42PM UTC

hey, it’s going ok.

any word on them? if you mean is there going to be some external drive that will have ixtreme burner max firmware written for it, then probably not. from my understanding, the drives he chose were due to familiarity with the hardware, lower price, and wide availability. now that’s done and people can burn xgd3s, so he is onto other tasks. if you have no way to install an ihas into your computer then an external enclosure is your best option, sorry. :(

just to mention, there is a thread claiming that resellers are running out of the ihas with the B revision chipsets. apparently they are all starting to stock C revision. no idea whether this is at all similar to the Bs, but the older Y and A revisions have not had any firmware written for them, and i know from experience that trying to write B firmware to an A drive will not work. (i have an HP dvd1270 that i could not determine if it was B or A until i tried to flash it.) so if you don’t already have an ihas, i’d get one or they might end up going way up in price if they really run out of stock.