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Seph2091 # Posted on 2011-10-09 at 04:02PM UTC

Thanks for the response I checked for a few days and nobody answered, just came back to see if anybody had any news on the update on the rage disc.

Yeah I havent played on live for ages I just wanted to update my gamerscore on there and get some of the free games so wouldnt be using the ap 25/26 games. I have the latest dash and now on LT 2.0. I got the flag as I was impatient/stupid when ACB came out I thought I had a Samsung drive but it turned out that was in my old xbox that died. I pay for my flashing done so wasnt 100% sure which drive it was, checked with xval and I have the failed challenge so just decided to stay off live altogether until I heard about the reversals. Well thanks for the info especially the uncorupting program for the HDD.