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twisted247 # Posted on 2011-10-07 at 01:56PM UTC

ap25 fail does not mean flagged for ban as many report failing ap25 with retail game and stock firm. bro back in 2010 thought it might cause ban hammer but since then many retails and stock firm fail for many reasons such as scratched disc bad laser. so i think ur safe but not ant ap25 or 26 or gxd3 rips as the ap25/26 games such as acb and mw2 black op’s nfs hot persuit and halo reach and a few more need to be run thru abgx agian then burned also first very important get latest firm flash to stock before the update then flash latest cfw then ur good to go if u get banned u can use tool on pc to uncorrupt ur profile bro but what makes u think ur flagged cause game fail ap25?