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bubbafett4hire # Posted on 2011-10-27 at 02:50PM UTC

Not a stupid question at all , at least not from where I am sitting ;-)

As far as the why your options are greyed out I honestly have no clue but some things you can try

While in XBC press Ctrl + S to refresh the drives , also did you start XBC with a disc in the drive? at time of release XBC said not to start XBC with a disk in the drive. I have no honest clue as to why but it was in the read me.

Also is the most current DAE.BIN in the same folder as XBC ( DAE.BIN is to grab the AP25 Tables)

If your still having issues try hooking the drive up direct to the PC , doubtful that that is the issue but I have had nothing but issues with the CK3 Blaster and it now lives in the scrap electronics pile.