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VIkingArchangel # Posted on 2011-10-30 at 05:06PM UTC

After much reading I have concluded that the issue must be with the Sata card… It now does not even recognize my benq anymore and my drive is now stuck on stock.

Considering my set up:

Xbox arcade with blaster ck3 attached and currently using a kreon drive to rip and an Lg to burn, I basically just want to continue being able to create backups of my games and although I only have the one XGD3 at the moment I will of course purchase more.

With this in mind and my current set up am I right in presuming that an x360usbpro is the way forward, thus enabling me to switch my benq over to 0800 v3 to rip? and back to V 2.0 to play, if so I presume I connect the pro via my blaster ck3 to my pc? I also presume I would go from sata from the blaster ck3 to usb on the pc? thus doing away with the Sata 6421 card in my pc? I also presume that I would need to get the power adaptor for the x360usbpro?

All I want is the easiest best set up for my xbox, using the benq drive to both rip and play my backups, so any help would be fantastic

Also i would like to know if there are any recommendations for a dvd burner that would best serve me to burn backups including XGD3. I can then do away with my Kreon and Lg, leaving me the Benq and new burner just for this purpose.

Again thank you for all your help so far and I sincerely hope someone can assist/point me in the right direction.