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bubbafett4hire # Posted on 2011-10-26 at 11:50AM UTC

Your on the right track of thinking..yes you can use your current BenQ 360 drive to backup XGD3 titles and you will have to flash the BenQ 0800 V3 to it to backup XGD3 game discs. Then flash back to Lt 2.0 to play the backups on your system. As always make sure your drive key is in a safe place

Burning the disks that are XDG3 you should try to grab another DVD Burner or if you have a current compatible one convert it to a Burner MAX to avoid disc errors when burning out XGD3 titles. With regards to your Kreon drive …yes it’s a paper weight in a way but still good for ripping older XGD2 titles, but if memory servers me right Kreon will not extract SSv2 and all rips should be rechecked with ABGX with regards to the older XGD2 titles.

As far as the ck3 blaster goes …try it should work just fine if you’ve updated the FW using it before