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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-11-20 at 01:52AM UTC

you say you haven’t been online yet, good! stay offline for now.

the 0800 for benq will rip all the important data from the disc, and the burner max firmware will burn it all. as long as you have good quality discs, then there should be no problem playing them.

if you go online and get the silent update, they will no longer work. the reason is because the update changes your dae.bin which is the file that determines which ap2.5 challenges to use. that is the reason you need to have the dae.bin file in your xbox backup creator folder. since everyone’s dae.bin is different after the silent update, there is no way other than extracting your own dae.bin (semi-complicated process) and even that may not work as they have said the new dae.bins are different in a way that may make them incompatible with the current xbc.

read through the entire and you will understand why a burned disc (that uses dyes) is different than a retail disc (which is stamped with little holes.) a burned disc will never be an EXACT duplicate physically, but it will contain all the data needed exactly as it is on the original disc. until the xbox expects to find different data on the disc of course.

so yes, if you rip a disc using the ‘current’ (not really anymore) version of the dae.bin, and try to boot it AFTER the silent update it will fail and get you flagged because the challenges ripped by xbc will not match what the xbox wants. original discs have the info stored physically and will always have what the xbox wants.