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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-05-07 at 06:54PM UTC

jeckel i think it was very nice of you to go and address his issues point by point. my thoughts on the xk3y are as follows: too expensive when there are other cheaper methods, however if i had more money i could buy a huge drive and never have to worry about discs. (and still play online as opposed to jtag) seems useful, but it’s just not for me. supposedly it has been pointed out as not being live safe, but at least it’s not a definite ban like taking jtag/rgh online. at this point it doesn’t seem like they are even going to ban for fw or xk3y anymore. (not sure if anyone ever did get banned for xk3y.) as mentioned, the usbpro2 will allow ripping without 0800 fw. c4e’s fw will not die (in my opinion), and of course there should be no more reburning anymore either. initially it seemed to me to be an alternative that gained the lead in the “arms race” just for the short time that ixtreme fell to the xgd3 and silent dae.bin issues temporarily. people were acting like c4e was over for good and the xk3y was the only way. but pretty quickly commodore made a comeback and people seemed to settle down about it a bit.

ucla, i definitely noticed the arrogance of many xk3y fans, but of course as soon as you make a stereotype someone is going to come along that doesn’t fit. there are plenty of idiots on the internet…(i was going to write more, but that last sentence pretty much sums it up.)