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jeckelbrothers # Posted on 2012-05-07 at 03:53PM UTC
I am not smart enough to actually mod my console so I will spend $90 to plug in a usb drive.

hello i am a owner of a x360key (or wtf ever you want to call it) and i do have a flashed xbox so i would like to help you understand more about how this works you need to plug your dvd drive into your computer to get the drive key in so you do need to know how to mod a console.

Not to mention why would I or most get one?

you dont need to get one it just another way of playing backed up games i find it easyer to use vs burning dvd’s due to a possable bad burn or scarched discs.

If you have half a brain and can figure out just how to take apart your xbox and plug it into your pc you are able to mod it yourself without the need to shell out a bunch of money for something that will prob hit the same fate as the ps3 key and die.

i think on the tx site they said something about the x360key using about the same fw as c4′s so in theary if c4evas firmware dies so will the x3ky.

rip games you must still use cfw made by c4eva to allow proper rips

if you get a ck3usb v2 you will not need cfw to rip games

here is some more info about the x3ky if you want info on it

like i said you dont need one i got one because it is easyer to update and faster to put games on a hard drive over burning a game burn=40-50 min transfer for hdd takes about 3-5 mins
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