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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-03-06 at 07:49PM UTC

samsung will always boot regardless of what data is in that area because since it doesn’t do the checks, it just ignores it. if you ran it thru a current version of abgx360 it would have patched in topology data, unless you had writes disabled. with topology it will work on a liteon with LT+ 3.0. if it’s not working, what message are you getting? there should be no need to make a copy that works with 2.0 only, unless you happened to have a hitachi 78/79 that does the checks. you already mentioned that you have two liteons. i would ensure that they are actually updated to LT+ 3.0 and also that they are the correct drives that originally came in that xbox. if you used to have a different drive and put a liteon instead, it could also be causing the games to not boot.

when you say you burned it “without abgx”… well that depends on where your iso came from. did you rip it yourself? if so what version of xbc did you use? you should still always run the iso thru abgx360 to ensure that the file is not corrupted in some way. there is a checkbox that says “disable writes”. this will prevent it from patching topology (or changing anything for that matter) and it will just let you know that everything is in order (or not).

you can even scan your disc with abgx360 also, at the top left there is a dropdown and you can choose “burned dvd”. this will tell you whether your copy that you burned without abgx360 has topology already or not.