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msh1156 # Posted on 2011-10-18 at 07:00PM UTC

@twisted247 you can i have been told (going to try this myself)
crossflash a ihas122b to a ihas524b thou it wont do the lightscribe or labeltag
as it doesnt have the hardware for that but it will then be compatible for ixtreme
burner max flashing in theory at least (just make sure you backup the firmware and bootsectors
seperately so you can re-cover the drive should it fail) the progs you need are EEPROM_Utility-6.2.0 and
Flash_Utility-6.0.1 and the firmware is ATAPI.iHAS524_B.AL27.stock

also note: sata must be set to ide mode
not ahcp for the software to work and i this may go for all liteon burner max drives too