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skybird # Posted on 2011-10-21 at 11:50PM UTC

“pc world is selling the 624 model for £29.99″

There’s not really any good reason to buy a 624 for almost twice the price of a 224 which is actually the same drive.

124/324/524 all use the same hardware and you can flash a 124/324 to a 524.
224/424/624 all use the same hardware and you can flash a 224/424 to a 624.

What you need to do is back up your flash/EEPROM, download the firmware for either the 524 or 624 drive (whichever you’re converting to) from the codeguys’ site, flash your drive with it, then use EEPROM Utility to convert the drive. Once your reboot your PC it will show up as a 524/624 in Device Manager and you can upgrade the firmware using either SmartPack or a stand-alone firmware update meant for those particular drives.