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QuickMythril # Posted on 2013-02-14 at 12:52AM UTC

i’m not talking about verification at all. and i don’t think anyone else was either. from what i understood of the original posters issue, he said he was throwing away discs, presumably because of failed burns. he tried the p2p version and the complex version assuming that somehow that would make a difference. both of those are the same xex of course, the rf version. he could not find the pal/ntscu version to give that a try. so for some reason he came to the conclusion that it must be something specifically different about the data layout of dead space 3 that prevents it from being burned with burnermax. that just makes no sense at all. i pointed out that it is just another xgd3 like the ones before it and if there was something special or different the verifiers would have been able to notice that. plus if it just did not work, there would be countless people also claiming they had problems.