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twisted247 # Posted on 2011-10-15 at 12:29PM UTC

“When I go on the channel its normally to ask a question that’s NOT been answered so far and I get kind responses from those that understand the basis of the question”.

this is what u do .not come there same person asking the same question. getting a answer then coming back 1 hr or so asking the same question hoping for a different answer. thats what bothers me its as if they wont u to tell them what they wont to here . its like why ask if ur not going to listen. mclane i find it hard to believe they treat u this way as u seem pretty smart and laid back. its wierd there as 1 min u will be cool with the peeps for hours. then say wrong thing and u into it with them. dont take it personal not speaking directly to u bro as this happens with me too. but the kid above is disrespectful and wants it given to him