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Mclane # Posted on 2011-10-15 at 04:28PM UTC


People who go to the channel and act like an idiot deserve what they get, people who go and ask stupid questions which have been answered 100 times here and other places deserve a short but polite NO, people who go there with a fresh stuff, follow the rules do not deserve some a child like response from someone who’s in with a mod or made themselves comfy and think they are part of the crew.

I personally have no time for ‘wannabe’s', I don’t mind a laugh and a chat but those that seek to play god can jump in the river as far as I’m concerned, its bad form, public forums and IRC channels are by nature for help, if its dev only then those need to be invite.

Those that can’t answer on there need to keep the pie hole shut, if I want a smart arse I’ll chat with the teens around here.

I only got that behaviour the once and the 2nd time I was treated very well but channels have mods to do the discipline, not the wise arses.

Pretty smart :)

I’m a god :)