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twisted247 # Posted on 2011-10-14 at 05:12PM UTC

thank u m3ll0nh34d and to u yes u the stupid 1 u know who u r maybe u should try to not insult us then ask for understanding. and i quote u “You guys on the #c4e IRC channel farts higher than the hole. You guys think yourself better than anyone” . yes we remember but we cared about the inner workings as u said u didnt. just a thought may u should. its not as simple as i just want to play backups on my xbox and people over at irc or any site should understand and help me. cause when explained u still dont f-ing understand and the reason why? came from ur mouth not mine! and i quote u ” I am just trying to play backup games with my xbox and I dont spend all my time trying to understand the logic behind it” so its people like u who make it hard for the noobs so to speak to get help. and frankly people who dont know what there doing in my experince dont need to be doing it. its easy to flash ur drive its hardly rocket science as im sure u got ur noob tools. google is ur friend irc channel is not. dont be on here bad mouthing people cause ur to lazy to put forth the small ass effort it takes to complete flashing ur drive . maybe u should have spent the money ur parents gave u for noob tools on paying someone with enough smarts to flash ur drive for u and buy ur burned games from sum scrub on criagslist. lol!! lame!! never cast stones unless u got shelter bro> they will most def be cast back.

p.s dont bother responding as im not going to lipbox with u kiddo learn sum respect before asking for help

p.s.s just seen my post before this.too early . looks like im stupid cant spell! lmfao lol fingers where asleep still

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  • This reply was modified 2866 days ago by avatar twisted247.