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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-10-14 at 09:51PM UTC

i remember my first time with ixtreme. i hadn’t played console games in years, and my friends were starting to play xbox 360. well ffxiii was coming so i figured that would be a nice game to get back into the swing of it with. after i started playing i said “hey remember the swap trick with psx, there has to be something like that for 360″. i had no ideas about ixtreme, cfw, jungleflasher, or anything. i had to spend hours each night searching through fake websites and outdated information. it wasn’t until i knew what to search for, that i was even able to find a tutorial. but then it all started coming together. i found out what equipment i had to buy or make, and what programs i needed. i don’t think i ever asked anyone. anytime i had a problem i went back to the tutorials or i searched for my exact situation. i always found a bunch of people who had the same problem, and usually the same solution.

as mellonhead said the information is there and it is pretty well organized if you take the time to look. how many times do people need to explain the same things that are written elsewhere. i mean i don’t know exactly how LT works, but i know what it is and what it does, and i have never once been in the chatroom on IRC. everything important from there gets reposted.