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Mclane # Posted on 2011-10-15 at 10:02AM UTC

There ARE a small proportion of the IRC channel who are not normally mod status who believe by hanging out there that it allows them to be ignorant to other users, MODS MUST pick up on this and dispense justice.

I asked a simple question that was on topic for the channel that referenced the release of a new IMGBURN with differing options that WOULD have confused new users considering the nfo’s instructions AND the instructions by C4eva. This was greeted by some as a “bit of a laugh” and decided since they were in the channel with people they presumed were their ‘buddies’ they would be cheeky.

Sorry, but an arse is an arse whatever way it looks, thankfully a mod confirmed my question and things were updated.

When I go on the channel its normally to ask a question that’s NOT been answered so far and I get kind responses from those that understand the basis of the question.

Mind you it did make me laugh a few times when the topic was set to an xbox item and then the entire channel started discussing if God existed and who a rapper was and then moaned at someone for being off topic…


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