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novak2k6 # Posted on 2012-12-30 at 06:16PM UTC

In regards to the 2.0, yes thats def a jf thing because its not programmed yet.

With my ram upload fail issue, i googled it and it seemed like an issue many others had but not pinned down as to a complete reason. Some fixed by using other computers, fw spoofs, or reboot. Whats odd is its the same laptop unformated with ck3i and usbpro i had no issues flashing with a year ago. Everything followed in jf /xecuter tutorial correctly.

I’m goint to try again later, this time rather than flash the 78 b400 2.0, I’ll try injecting the dumped 2.0 i saved before reverting to stock. I recall when I paid a modder to first put 1.91 in, he spoofed to 79 drive according to jf. I’m not sure why he did that, and I used 78 for the 2.0 because I never used the 79 cd unlock.

I might also just try going straight to the lt 3 fw to see if it works. I have a halo 3 hitachi never opened to mod also, but if i cant get this one going i’ll pay the $15 modder and not risk bricking a barely used drive.

2 others things… i’m already at stock and fully dash updated. That flash was a success, but right now I would’ve just perferred 2.0 was still on for the xgd2′s. And the other, each flash before, i disable the bottom ribbon (easier, with blue tab) going to the laser. These drives are volitile when it comes to flashing and burned a laser out by a modder.