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novak2k6 # Posted on 2013-01-02 at 09:34AM UTC

Success with my halo hitachi.
First thing I did was open it up to check drive, a 79 model.
Checked ohm on laser, 4.67k. The xbox has less than a 100 hours use on it and been in my closet.
Checked ohms on the old elite’s 78 which popped up a disc unread error on XGD3, 3.33k. This is a replacement drive and used for a good year or so.
Ran through flash procedure, this time flashing stock to LT 3. This one has 12 differences but stable finish.
Started xbox up and first ran original, an xgd2, and finally a xgd3, all loaded good.

So the elite’s laser is the issue a second time but only for xgd3. But at 3.33 its getting a bit low. Rather than risk it tweaking it, I may just keep it for a xgd2 and retail system for now.

Def sounds like you’re having a drive issue. Hopefully your laser is good. I had issues with the elite also when flashing to LT2, not recognizing drive. If you keep having the issue, just keep reconnecting everything.

This info was provided to me, safe to flash stock to LT 3 confimed
freeflash gives you the option to flash what ever you want without the normal jf hitachi
restrictions,freeflash will flash all sectors that differ,warnings will appear about key if it is not the same
and the option not to flash key will be given.
There is no reason not to flash directly to LT3.0 from stock,
the reason it was probably worded that way is that the differences from 2.0 to 3.0 were not that much,
it would be just as safe going directly to 3.0 from 2.0 and then you are only flashing once,
restoring to stock then to 3.0 requires two complete flashes.
So just freeflash from stock to LT3.0
As with all flashing there are risks involved more so with hitachi,
having a good hitachi set up is essential,getting ram upload errors is a little concerning.

good luck