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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-10-25 at 07:22PM UTC

why would microsoft ban you for spoofing a drive anyway… i could see that maybe someone went thru the dashboard files and found that there is a way that they can check to see what drive id number you have or something, but when i called the microsoft piracy hotline they said it’s ok to have a business flashing drives as long as you are not flashing them with firmware that allows burned games (MS considers all backups to be illegal counterfeit games even if you own the original). so say my liteon drive died and all i could buy was a replacement benq, then why would i get banned for trying to make my xbox work again? just cause they can detect spoofing doesn’t mean it is bad. i am still searching for someone who says they got banned from spoofing or someone who explains why it isn’t safe, but so far i got nothing. just people with theories.