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phrizz # Posted on 2011-10-26 at 12:44AM UTC

The best deal I can find on a BenQ VAD6038 drive (which is the only one I would want, screw the Lite-On’s) is $49.99 + shipping. It’s a refurb, but includes a 30 day warranty and isn’t from ebay (I don’t trust ebay at all anymore, especially with electronics)

I just don’t know if it’d be worth it, I have the Xecuter Blaster CK3 installed in my xbox so I never need to open the case to flash firmware. I have no problem with electronics, but I’m hesitant to keep messing with something as finicky as an Xbox360 manufactured in June of 2006 since I’ve had absolutely zero issues with it *knocks on wood* (aside from no Lt+ 2.0 of course hah).

I may buy the BenQ, but I don’t know that I would go through all the dismantling and spoofing even though I don’t use Live for anything so I couldn’t care less about a potential ban; I would use the BenQ in my PC as a ripping drive. I think the best option for me personally is to just wait for Hitachi 2.0, even though there has been nothing updated regarding an ETA.

Sorry m8, I’ve been typing your nick wrong from the start – I always added one too many L’s at the end! :oops: