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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-10-25 at 06:10PM UTC

i have asked many people and no one could give me an explanation as to why spoofing was bad. they just treated me like a “noob” and said “go try it and don’t cry when you are banned, since you don’t want to listen.” i was offended because i do my research, i have checked all over and see no reason why spoofing is bad. if someone could tell me something other than “it’s more likely to get banned”… it’s not like there’s a random chance to get banned. only thing i could figure is, if you’re supposed to have a drive that does ap2.5 checks and you put in a drive that doesn’t, then you will fail the check. or if you do the 13599 update it would see that you have the wrong drive (which happened to me and no ban), but other than that no one can tell me what happens or how MS determines you are spoofing. i have had multiple people tell me that they DID play online spoofed and did NOT get banned or have any problems… so it’s either take the “experts” word at face value, or go by my own experience. again if someone could explain it to me i would be more inclined to believe it.