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cdow # Posted on 2011-12-16 at 12:39AM UTC

Thanks, Hopefully I won’t waste that many Verbs trying to get the burn process correct. Once I get all the equipment I’ll read up on it some more but I’m hopeful that the threads on this website, google, and youtube can get me burning quickly and correctly.

It’s funny cause I told my g/f a couple weeks ago that I wanted the IHAS, USB/IDE adapter, and a pack of verbs for Christmas. This week she tells me that when she went to Microcenter the guys all said I was on the wrong track. They convinced her to buy a DL burner (LG) made for a laptop and then told her it would take days to burn anything using the IHAS with a laptop. Glad to know they were wrong but I did start second guessing myself since I’m new to all this