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twisted247 # Posted on 2011-11-28 at 12:58PM UTC

there is the jtag hack or the reset glitch . the differance is jtag hack can only bedone on dash/ kernel 7xxx or less. and reset glitch can be done on all but xenons and new revison of the slim were they combined the southbridge and hana chip. easyest way for jtag hack order the qsb boards for ur model motherboard “qsb” = “quick solder boards” and order the nandx. then solder the qsb’s to motherboard very easy plug up the nandx to the qsb’s then plug the nandx up to pc via usb cable. and many apps to dump the nand . i use nandpro but for noobs jtagtool would be best. once connected dump ur nand 3 times compare the 3 dumps with jtagtool if identical pick one of the dumps and move it to ur desktop.then write xell to ur 360 nand. boot with the eject button take pic of ur cpu key/dvd key. then download the app 360 flash dump tool. open it go to settings enter ur cpukey then load ur dump of ur nand on the desktop. then click patch tab on bottom left. select the model orig drive then save ur done use jtagtool to write the modified nand back to 360 would be nice to use either a sammy or a hitachi 59 or lower and then no ap25/26 checks. and i have done this many times and no bans as safe as anybody else using cfw. hope this helps u

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