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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-11-19 at 09:08PM UTC

ok i just read through the 11 pages on xpgamesaves and 4 more on the tutorial linked from there. (not to mention plenty of other pages on other sites about people who got stuff working with title updates.) all i can see is that this is only a partial fix. some people say they have been online, and some say to stay offline, but if you already have failed a check, then that shouldn’t really matter. some people are saying games that have no title updates yet just won’t work. some games supposedly need to have the update on the hdd as opposed to the usb drive. someone else said this will only work if your hdd is removed and you put the profile on the usb drive too. people are saying that they can only play for a while, then they get unsupported disc message (no clue if they went back to the dashboard first or got this message in-game.) i only have one friend who was dumb enough to put in mw3 after i told him not to, but i can’t get his xbox to do some testing, and i don’t want to flag the other people who were responsible enough to listen to my warnings if it doesn’t work right. if anyone has some concrete info other than “i got this or that game to work”, please your help is welcomed.