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SDude # Posted on 2011-11-19 at 10:27PM UTC

I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but this works.
I got hit unsuspectingly like most so I got flagged already.
You don’t need to take out your HDD, your usb device only needs the latest title update for the game. You can only play the games which latest TU is stored in the cache(most). If you want to play online, you need to always clear your cache before playing, otherwise you get the error.

Anyway I hope they don’t ban ppl with AP 2.5 flag. If you check the official Microsoft forums they have like 6+ topics and some of them have 10+ pages of complaining that MW3 gives “this disk is not supported error”. Since that error is caused by the AP2.5 fail they probably have the flag as well.

One more thing, now this isn’t very solid but my friend who works at the Xbox support help line told me that they don’t want to do another ban wave before spring. This is because they are preparing for the new dash release (special training, hiring new agents ect.) so they expect a lot of calls with the new dash and they don’t want the angry “console got banned” calls at the same time. Hopefully this gives us flagged ppl enough time to enjoy MW3 online.