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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-11-17 at 06:02AM UTC

nothing to do with a system or title update… in case anyone didn’t see the big post on the front page. everyone has a different dae.bin, so you’d need to be able to dump your own nand. but since they can change the dae.bin at any time, who knows how long your discs will be good for. i guess if you stay offline you would be good, and just have to redump your dae.bin anytime you go online to see if it has changed. but without a new abgx360 we still can’t patch in new ap2.5 ss, so you’d have to rerip the whole game. if you have an original to rip, then why not play the original. very smart, now all those people claiming “backups” are going to be put to the test…