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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-11-17 at 06:30AM UTC

i went back to the ap2.5 faq for a better understanding and i found this: (someone asked me the other day why we don’t burn all the responses onto the disc.)

Why don’t we extract _every_ AP25 response from the original disc then patch our games with this data so that our backups will never need to be re-burned?
Not feasible. Responses can only be retrieved for known challenges (in dae.bin). Microsoft could change the challenges at any time (new dae.bin) at which point we can capture the new response data. The total number of possible challenges is very large as each challenge includes two disc locations and there is a lot of suitable locations on a disc.

and since…

Why do I need the AP25 replay data at all? Don’t I already have a full disc backup?
While you may have every readable sector duplicated on a backup, you can’t replicate the physical structure of the disc. It is not possible for consumer DVD writers to make an exact copy of a retail disc. Your copy is has different data location characteristics that AP25 is checking for.

we come back to the solution someone suggested months ago and that would be pressed silvers…