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Mclane # Posted on 2011-11-17 at 10:41AM UTC

I hate to say it but with every person who knew about AP2.5 data who then kept on going on to Live really deserve the hassle. We knew that the way to cripple games in XGD3 format was to update the table ergo (I love that word) M$ were always going to attack the copies by updating that table, they knew people expected it in the updates so did the one thing that was more logical, update silently.

Can’t say I blame them, it is indeed the way to cause more issues with those playing copies.

I like quicksmythrill idea of the extra of all the challenges edited as a patch but at the mo it still means a reburn as unless you are glitched the challenge is made to the disc in the drive.

So unless you have a death wish then stay off line or play the original game online until there’s a fix if ever, and DON’T hassle C4eva, if not for his and the teams hard word you would not be playing ‘backups’ till this day!

M$ may be the biggest provider of shite bloated bug ridden software that people pay to have the luck of beta testing their expensive crap but when it comes to protecting their market they spend a lot of money especially on the 360, remember, they are not stupid.

EDIT: Should have said play the real game online and remember that the update will still happen so ALL the games in it will be altered so you best have the original for all the games you play online and off.


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