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twisted247 # Posted on 2012-12-09 at 01:05PM UTC

no its never safe but till live logs are done it doesnt matter if games play or not . games played in 2009 after 8955 to 9199 system update but many got banned and i mean alot!! and it was cfw cause i had two boxes hit broke oout a brand new box out of the box that day and flashed the cfw released that day 1.61 and no games ever in the drive signed into live got system update took it banned never booted a backup just had cfw 1.61 on the benq drive. slim drive is the only drive that doesn’t need to flash to stock first before a system update as they are spi locked by m$ but at any point the phat drives could be fw checked during a system update very easy to check. as for the locked slim drives i dont think m$ would unlock the drive over a system update as that unlock info would be logged and then we would beable to send signal to unlock as well. but to update before live logs well i do it but is it safe NOOOOOOOOOO!! I SEE IT THIS WAY if m$ bans me once a yr then 1 console per yr is cheaper then games all yr!! so cheers good luck by the way update was safe

[2012-12-09 04:05AM UTC] #fw Livelog completed on new dash. No changes!
[Editor's note: this is in reference to dash 2.0.16202.0]

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