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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-07-15 at 03:54AM UTC

get your secondary error code. you must hold sync button on the console, then press eject 4 times to get each digit of the code. for example if the 3 red lights changed to: 1 light, 4 lights, 3 lights, 2 lights. then the secondary code would be 1032 (4 lights is considered a 0 since it makes a circle). then look up the error code in this database:

if that doesn’t help post back here and let us know what happened. most likely you will want to get a new dvd drive. if the drive still ejects then it might not be ruined and a Liteon Erase and reflashing the proper fw could fix it. you said you were flashing it, so i hope you saved your dummy.bin with your dvd key. that way if you do need a new drive you can just put the key on that one. otherwise you’d have to do something more involved like RGH to get the dvd key. without it you can never play discs on that console again.