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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-11-27 at 05:43PM UTC

so you are saying that when you put a game in, it says “play dvd” and when you load the game it shows the little video partition file telling you to put the game in an xbox 360? if you aren’t seeing the “play dvd” it could be because you have autoplay enabled (i always disable this, even when i am working on someone else’s xbox.) that would indicate that you have the wrong dvd key flashed to your drive. it’s pretty much the only thing that would cause that.

did they just tell you it was a bad hitachi or did you have problems with it, then decide to replace it. sounds like they could have scammed you. they might have tried to replace the drive themselves before, not knowing that you need to put the dvd key onto it. so i’d ask the person you got it from if that “broken hitachi” was ever replaced by them. if that is the case, and you have no way to get the original drive, then you would have to dump the nand, either jtag or reset glitch hack it, flash xell to the nand, get your cpu key by booting with the eject button, then decrypt your keyvault using the cpu key. it’s a lot of work, but a few months ago people were saying that if you lost your dvd key and your dash was too new to jtag, then you would never be able to play games on it again. thank goodness for the person who discovered the rgh.