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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-10-10 at 05:28PM UTC

So far Forza is the first game to have this issue. New ones may have it also, but we don’t know yet. The games before Forza are ok, but they could always change when the dash update hits. c4e is working on a fix for the Forza issue.

as twisted mentioned, you burn the game with the 2133520 layer break, but a regular 8.5 GB dvd can only go to 2086912 layer break, so imgburn automatically chooses that and the last 3% of your game will not burn. but again so far this is not an issue for any other xgd3 games yet, because none of them ever checked for data in the last 3% of the disc until Forza. again this can change with dash update.