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bhand # Posted on 2011-11-06 at 12:38AM UTC

C4eva already said which Liteon Models were good for that, so coming from him I am positive any of the liteon drive models he recommends would work as well.

In my case, I only found iHAS124 and iHAS 224 available so I picked up the latter.

Once I tried it, (after the fw flashing of course) I started having trouble with the burning and later found out that those problems resided on the brand of the media i was using.

I got hold of some MEMOREX discs which were identified as RITEK by dvd info program and I followed QuickMythril’s suggestion which was:

Get a program named “Media code speed edit” which works on Liteon drives I’ll try to put a link to his advise here: Browse down to the part where he says how to reflash the drive.

Bottom line is: I did what he advised me to, changed the media speed code for tha RITEK to one that is 2.4x speed only and I have got excellent results, no more failures.

I have found that unless you use the media suggested by c4eva (Verbatims), any other media, 2.4x burning speed is almost a MUST, otherwise you will generate a “coaster”
I hope this comment is helpful to you.